Absentee Ballots Have Been Counted: Charter Change Dies Again

The absentee ballots have been counted. The pro-charter people fell further behind (199) when the absentee votes were totaled. The unofficial total showed the proposed charter failed by 1337.

9 thoughts on “Absentee Ballots Have Been Counted: Charter Change Dies Again”

  1. Let’s hope we can put to rest the fallacy that government should run like a business. Look where it’s gotten us in DC the past four years. If we do want a change, let’s have a strong mayor-council system.

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  2. As co-chair of Saratoga Works, I am thankful that voters recognized the immense shortcomings of this particular version of charter change, which included an unelected city manager and a divisive ward system.

    Saratoga Works will continue to be a civic group that advocates for the greater good in our city and acts in the best interest of all Saratogians. I would like to thank the supporters of Saratoga Works and appreciate that you acknowledge our work as trustworthy and reliable.

    May peace, love and kindness be with you as we enter the holiday season.

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    1. Connie, thank you for taking the time to organize your group to provide a check against this action. As a registered Democrat who voted against the Charter change, I am still angry with the local party committee for taking a position on an issue that is not reflective of many party members. This undercuts their political credibility – to embrace an unpopular position and then adopt it as a platform. This was done out of personal malice on the part of a few people.

      I would love to vote for an initiative that requires 60% approval for a change to the charter.

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      1. Cato –

        Thank you for the feedback. Regarding the actions of the local committee, your points have been validated by others in your party as we crossed paths with many disillusioned members regarding the realities surrounding this proposal (to the point that some have suggested switching to Working Families or No Party).

        The supermajority vote has also been raised by others and would require an amendment of the law. I am not certain if the law to be amended would be a local law or a state law, but it is being researched.

        And as an aside – I find your postings academically heady, intriguing and thoughtful!



  3. Okay can we NOW get back to how this charter stuff is supposed to be done. Stop giving sore losers the right to non stop bullshit every election cycle.


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