Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan Decides Not To Run For Re-election Next November

My friend, Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan, has decided not to run again for public office next year. While Commissioner Madigan often struggled with public relations, there was no one more devoted to our city. I know from experience that she spent countless hours doing her job. Her hard work was reflected in the superb shape our city’s finances were in during her term. For over eight years she kept city taxes flat while helping the city achieve one of the highest bond ratings for a municipality in New York State .

What many people aren’t aware of is that she went well beyond the normal responsibilities of her office to work on important projects.

It was her effort that was critical to the establishment of the solar array on what had been the city’s landfill. It now generates electricity representing 40% of the city’s energy needs.

She was instrumental in overhauling the city’s website including publishing budgets and making possible the on-line payments of taxes and utilities. Her work was cited by the Empire Center and the Times Union as one of the three best websites in the Capital District.

She created a Smart City Commission to assist with technology projects. We now have public wi-fi in city hall and in Congress Park.

Her project to deploy a city wide fiber optic network with SiFi Networks is moving forward and expects to have its ground breaking in April 2021.

She advocated for using properties being foreclosed on to provide affordable housing that was developed by Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Saratoga.

She had the city partner with Spa State Park in the construction of a safe, fenced in dog park.

These are just some of her legacies.

Below is the release announcing her decision.

4 thoughts on “Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan Decides Not To Run For Re-election Next November”

  1. Sad to hear the Michele will not run again. She was/is respected for all of her efforts. Best to her in her new adventures.
    And thank you for the many hours of work, that will never be acknowledged by the citizens of Saratoga Springs.
    It’s a thankless job.


  2. Well, now that the leaders of the charter change movement won’t have Michele Madigan to kick around any more what arguments can they find to put forth for the next round of charter change? No matter how ugly their attacks they were unable to ever defeat her at the polls. Their animus towards Commissioner Madigan was so great, though, that they went to the extreme lengths of trying to change our form of government to get rid of her. Those who doubt that this was a motivating force for those leading the charge for charter change have only to look at the closing posts on the pro-charter It’sTime Face book page. Instead of making final arguments for the merits of their proposal they posted old campaign videos from opponents Madigan had long ago defeated and a newer silly one attempting to compare her to Donald Trump. Really? And this had exactly what to do with why we should replace the commission form of government with a city manager and ward system? The public had a chance every two years for the last eight years to review Commissioner Madigan’s performance and decide whether to keep her in office or not, and each time Saratogians said they liked the job she was doing in spite of Billy McTygue, Ann Bullock, Bob Turner, Pat Kane and the rest of the charter change leaders’ many attempts at smear campaigns. So charter change leaders, shame on you, and Michele Madigan, thank you for persevering in the face of years of ugly attacks by these folks and steadfastly working to make Saratoga a better place to live. Your work will be remembered long after those who mercilessly harassed you are long forgotten.

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  3. I wish Michelle the best as she transitions out. She would be an excellent CFO or corporate controller in just about any organization. She might even be a good CEO. It is very rare to find someone willing to work in a position like that with her level of intelligence.


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