There are a number of good reporters covering Saratoga Springs.  Unfortunately, due to the decline in newspapers, reporters have little time to explore stories in detail and are also limited in the space they are allowed to fill.

This blog is meant to dig deeper into the events and people who effect the city.  There is simply a great deal that goes on that is never published.  In addition, more and more people do not buy newspapers and depend on the web for their information.

It is also important to understand that this site will be strictly policed.  Too many sites allow people to behave badly.  Too many sites allow people to post things that are patently untrue.  Offensive posts and posts that are clearly untrue will not be published.

John Kaufmann

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  1. This is a great article on adaptive reuse from The National Law Review: http://www.natlawreview.com/article/infill-and-adaptive-reuse-it-right-my-land-use-project. Here are a couple of particularly germane statements from the article relevant to the proposed Moore Hall project.

    1) “It is also crucial for communities to develop responsible infill and adaptive reuse policies….Adaptive reuse can also pose problems, as reused facilities may incorporate uses never envisioned when the property was originally developed. These new uses may negatively impact traffic and parking, and may require communities to upgrade infrastructure sooner than planned.”

    2) “Infill and adaptive reuse are valuable tools for both developers and communities – but as with any tool, these may not always be the correct choices for the job at hand. Both methods can strengthen
    the core of a city while preventing sprawl, but the costs and benefits to both communities and developers must be evaluated before undertaking such a project.”

    At this point I’m feeling pretty disheartened about living in Saratoga Springs. It feels like the term “City in the Country” means that developers can do anything as long as they do it in the City.

    Kathleen O’Connor


  2. Are you truly unbiased? or do you do real investigative and complete reporting? I think not negative Nancy. Hiding behind a dog face is a hint? If you truly are unbiased why don’t you publish your email? And your phone number? Sow the weeds of discontent. You are as bad as a politician or a business hiding behind a LLC….you know the ones you accuse of misdeeds. Stand behind your comments like a man instead of hiding behind a blog.


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