Sarah Burger: She Probably Shouldn’t Have Clicked OK

[JK: This is a comment that Sarah Burger, the chair of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee recently posted on “What’s Going On Saratoga”]

24 thoughts on “Sarah Burger: She Probably Shouldn’t Have Clicked OK”

  1. As a lifelong Democrat I am embarrassed that this person is the face of the Democratic Party in Saratoga Springs, and that she is apparently now the arbiter in this town of who is a “real” Democrat.

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  2. Sarah Burger and the charter reform proponents who have taken over the Democratic party in Saratoga Springs need to resign. Their attitudes and their tactics do not belong in this city.

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  3. THIS is the problem with small town politics! I’d love to see Sarah put her money where her mouth is…. step up and run, Sarah.


    1. Oh, but Steve, she has run. She challenged Commissioner of Public Safety Chris Mathiesen in a Democratic primary in 2015 and lost. This came after she was about to be fired as city attorney but was allowed to resign. Big mistake because that allowed her to construct her own alternative narrative about that episode. In any case since she took over the leadership of the Democratic Committee few of their endorsed candidates have won and now their endorsed charter has failed. Not a great record.


  4. I have to agree that being against the charter reform was not a partisan issue. I am a proud Democrat and have always been one. The charter we voted on was a terrible idea and I’m happy that a majority of citizens agreed. Sarah may be head of the local organization but she does speak for all Democrats.

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  5. Yes, the alcohol peels away the veneer of education and civil behavior to get at the base emotions. Michele is a fighter, Sarah is not. She walks, talks, squawks, and only mocks. It would be great to see Michele take control of the party in Saratoga Springs after her duties are complete with the city.

    Sarah and Dillon pushed this charter change out of personal malice toward Michele and Skip, and it was a waste of time and money.

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  6. We don’t need this kind of hatefulness anyplace in our society and certainly not from the head of the Democratic party. I would like to see the head of MY party be someone who can engage in a discussion of ideas without hatefulness and ad hominem attacks.


  7. The vitriolic rhetoric of the Chairperson of the Democratic Party sadly is supported by the majority of the Democratic Committee who voted her in.


    1. It’s important to note that the majority of the current Democratic committee is made up of the Burger, McTygue, Yepsen minions. Those that resigned are the ones with ethics and values that represent what I see and hope the overall Democratic party stands for.


  8. John,

    I am sorry for this. I should not have stooped to Michele’s level in response to her ongoing attacks on me, other private citizens and local businesses (some of which also appeared in this string). With that said I do appreciate her service and hope that while she has since announced that she is not seeking office for next cycle that we can find a way to reconcile beforehand for the betterment of our City so that there can be an effective smooth transition down the road.

    I do not believe that there is much appetite though within the Democratic party (we are elected and do represent the Democratic constituents of Saratoga Springs) for supporting any candidates or elected officials that openly work with the GOP against our Democratic candidates. We believe in good governance and effective bi-partisanship but being able to work in a “bipartisan” fashion while in office does not mean campaigning against your own party. These are two different things.

    We look to the future and working together because we are stronger together. Thank you.


    1. Sarah—Just a suggestion: When making an apology for an inappropriate remark about someone it is best not to use that as an opportunity to take another swipe.

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    2. Ms. Burger claims she wants to reconcile in the same comment where she indicates “Michele’s level” is beneath her, accuses Commissioner Madigan of “attacking” local businesses, and then faults her for working against “our Democratic candidates” – one of whom worked (with Burger and others) against Madigan in a primary after she had been endorsed by the committee! So there is an “appetite for” Morrison and Burger and others to work against Madigan when she has the committee endorsement, but not for Madigan to work against Morrison after losing the primary? This makes no sense. Sarah doesn’t get to dictate who is allowed to do what, and when she tries, the least she could do is be consistent! Her post is insulting to readers as well as Madigan and all Dems who supported her.

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    3. Damn, Sarah, you can’t even apologize with class and without a level of snark. Your leadership skills are lacking in any ability to reconcile and i don’t believe that is your goal as it would not serve your own interests. After all, it was your cohorts on the committee who chose to abandon the basic concept of supporting an endorsed candidate while on the committee so please hop off your high horse and get real. Pointing fingers when it is you who are guilty of the same behavior you now criticize is so trumpian and all too common for you and yours.

      So, I’m afraid as long as you are at the helm reconciliation is unfortunately not likely. We need committee leadership we can trust.


  9. Straight Shooter – thanks for the side note. I should have explained my comment more deeply it that running for Finance should be where she should pony up.

    Sarah – Why are you apologizing to John, citizens, or other businesses???? You did nothing wrong to them in your post.

    You own Michele the public apology. Without that, your words above mean very little to nothing.

    THIS remains the trouble with small town politics.

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  10. Lol. C’mon. Bill McTygue is on the committee and ran along side Republicans Ken Ivins and Rick Wirth in 2013-15. Can we just dispense with the comment and it’s selective nature of the Chairwomen’s ridiculous comments. As a Democrat I am stunned by the statements.


  11. You people don’t know how to attack your opponent. I would have crushed them with my harsh words. This is a weak attack. My attacks get the best ratings too. #BIGLY #YUGE


  12. I have been an enrolled Democrat since 1967. I moved to Saratoga Springs in 1972 and was active in local politics until around 1990. After reading Ms. Burger’s vituperation against Commissioner Madigan I have decided that the local Democratic Party doesn’t rtepresent me, and Monday I am changing my registraion to the Working Party.


  13. Wow. Just wow. This is the Chairperson for the Dem party in Saratoga Springs? What an embarrassment… to herself, the City and the Party. They really must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel with that nomination. Gayle about summed it up when she described the behavior of these people as Trumpian. When the people they run can’t get elected, they cry afoul and instead try to change the form of government. Part and parcel to that is the propaganda that comes out like clockwork right around election time. A few years ago it was the garage near Division St school, the last couple of election cycles it’s been lead in our drinking water. Clearly, these people aren’t getting the picture that fearmongering, running dirty campaigns, and using their puppet at the Times Union to further their interests isn’t winning them any votes. In fact, it’s likely losing them. The Dem Committee should be made to relinquish their ability to call themselves Democrats. Or a Committee for that matter. As far as I can tell, they are a miserable group of self-serving, self loathing individuals who have zero to offer for the collective betterment of the City.


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