7 thoughts on “Correction Re Ellen Egger-Aimone”

    1. I think JK gives his best effort to get the story right, but when you are given information in a less than professional way…….from people who are associated with candidates, well, you get what you deserve.


      1. Well here’s the funny part, one which will surely disappoint all those that have been banking on the mongering of a great conspiracy between the two camps to secretly connive to bring down the established order and then divvy up the carcasses after:

        Fact: i personally have never met ms morrisson..not even a “nice to meet you” introduction…. Nor even any single instance of a phone call, email, text, etc between us. … Further, i have never to date had any of the same events with anyone involved in her campaign. (Oops: the exception bring last nite at moran’s thing when one of her peeps made a point of offering a chuckle over a recent award i gave out to a deserving recipient).

        Otherwise: i am sorry to pop all those balloons .


  1. RM: No balloons popped – just looking for an answer – thank you for making it clear that you are not Morrison’s campaign manager.


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