Hicks Campaign Ambushes Senator Gillibrand

In a press release sent out last week (she did not send me one), Ellen Egger-Aimone announced that she has resumed her role as Kendall Hicks’ campaign manager. Kendall Hicks is the Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety although he has not yet been endorsed by the City Democratic Committee. (It remains to be seen if he will be endorsed when the Committee meets under new leadership later this month.) Ellen Egger-Aimone had previously been Kendall Hicks’ campaign manager but withdrew a while ago and Robert Millis had taken over as “coordinator” (his description).

There was a fundraiser at the Lodge at Saratoga Casino on Wednesday, August 14, for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. As we all know she is currently seeking the Democratic nomination for President. One of Ms. Gillibrand’s priorities in her Senate career has been to expose and correct  the failure of the United States military command structure to effectively address violence against and harassment of women in the military.

Kendall Hicks attended the event accompanied by Ms. Egger-Aimone and Sarah Burger, the new city Democratic Chair. As the picture confirms, Ms. Egger-Aimone and Kendall Hicks arranged to be photographed with Senator Gillibrand.

This blog has published the police record which alleges that Mr. Hicks, while in the military, used a military vehicle to force his then girlfriend off a highway and in the course of their altercation assaulted her. In the same document, the arresting officer observed injuries to the victim and cited her fear of Mr. Hicks as the reason for her unwillingness to press charges.

Most people would consider it improper to arrange for a picture of Mr. Hicks with  Senator Gillibrand without informing her first about the potential problems of being photographed with Mr. Hicks.

One would also have expected Sarah Burger, as city Democratic Chair, to intercede and warn the Senator that this might be potentially embarrassing for her. This did not happen.

It is also worth noting that the screen shot below documents that Joanne Yepsen “liked” the photograph of Senator Gillibrand, Ellen Egger-Aimone, and Kendall Hicks that now appears on Mr. Hicks Facebook Page.

There seems to be no limit to what the group I call the White Walkers is willing to do.

13 thoughts on “Hicks Campaign Ambushes Senator Gillibrand”

  1. This is a particularly reprehensible post but thank you for making me realize I had not “liked” the post on Kendall Hicks for Public Safety’s Facebook page. Now done.

    I understand your blog addresses a particular constituency but it also contains good info that others beyond your base might want to know about. With election season heating up, you might want to consider softening the most extreme rhetoric in order to gain credibility with a larger audience. Just a thought…


  2. This was most uncomfortable for many of us who attended this event for the Senator. The lack of transparency or honesty of this group is unfortunately not surprising yet still astonishing. And, while after the fact, the Senator’s staff has been informed of Mr. Hicks’ history and the fact that as of now is NOT an endorsed candidate.

    That said, knowing the Senator, she would not have made a scene at her own fundraiser even if she’d had the information. She has too much class. Too bad that Mr. Hicks and Ms. Egger-Aimone don’t have the same.

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    1. I’m not sure your are doing any of your preferred candidates a favor by constantly and consistently spreading your hate.


      1. Sir, I don’t hate anyone – while I may be very much disturbed by their behavior. I made my observations though you may want to get to know me a bit better before you assume. In any case, as my mother used to say “If the shoe fits…..”


      1. I may have to eat at least a few of my words and since I do encourage people to know their facts, I’ll do that here. I had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Burger this evening and she said she did take the Senator aside and spoke to her. For that misinformation and assumption I apologize. Sarah also indicated she was independent of the “larger” group of disrupters in the Dem committee. I hope so and will be more observant and do more due diligence prior to making any further assumptions or conclusions regarding her stance or actions.

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  3. Gayle—first I would caution you at taking Sarah at her word given her history. If what she told you is true, however, this is an interesting criticism by the new chair of the Democrats about the behavior of Kendall Hicks and his campaign manager Ellen Egger-Aimone. But is Sarah claiming she spoke to the Senator after the picture was taken rather than interceding to prevent the picture from being taken? Too little too late if that’s the case.

    I find it also interesting that Sarah apparently referred to members of her committee as “disrupters”.

    For Sarah Burger the evening with Gillibrand must have been deja vu all over again. As I recall when Sarah primaried Chris Mathiesen for the Democratic line for Commissioner of Public Safety she also attended an event with Gillibrand and was introduced to the Senator by then Mayor Joanne Yepsen. Gillibrand, apparently not made aware by Yepsen that Ms. Burger was not the endorsed candidate for this office and was actually primaring a popular incumbent (who soundly defeated Burger) made some favorable public comments about Burger who also got a picture to post on her campaign site not that any of that did her much good.

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    1. Clarity here – Sarah did not refer to them as disrupters. I did and sorry if that was not clear. And, I don’t know exactly when Sarah spoke to the Senator. Regardless of my personal feelings toward any person, I’m going to work harder to not assume or insinuate without facts. That said, I’m also learning to be skeptical of many people and plan to watch more of what they actually do more than what they say.

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  4. Much ado about a photo op with a Senator that has done virtually nothing for the state of NY. Must be the old adage is true “a picture is worth 1,000 words.”

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