An Unpleasant Item On Kendall Hicks’ Campaign Manager’s Facebook Page

Kendall Hicks is the Democratic candidate for Public Safety Commissioner this fall. His campaign manager had been Ellen Egger-Aimone but for some reason he has replaced her with Rob Millis.

Mister Millis has a Facebook page which includes this item.

For those of you unfamiliar with ANTIFA, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Antifa (/ænˈtfə, ˈæntiˌfɑː/)[1] movement is a conglomeration of left-wing autonomous, militant anti-fascist[7] groups in the United States.[11] The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action,[12] with conflicts occurring both online and in real life.[13] They engage in varied protest tactics, which include digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far-right.[18]

Here is a terrific link to a routine by comic Trevor Noah that pretty much tells you what you need to know about Antifa.


23 thoughts on “An Unpleasant Item On Kendall Hicks’ Campaign Manager’s Facebook Page”

  1. This was obviously a joke.
    Imagine the likes of Mr. Boyd & Company actually endorsing communists revolutionaries!

    If true, he would be labeled a dissident back in the Soviet era.
    And we all know what happened to Russian dissidents.

    ANTIFA are nothing more than out-of-work paid crisis actors, looking for their next gig.
    Remove their masks and they will scatter like city roaches exposed to the light.

    These people are extremely dangerous.
    ANTIFA is a violent group utilizing physical aggression to incite fear and helplessness in the masses.
    While it might work in Portland, Oregon; it will not work in Upstate New York.

    Know why?
    They only go for soft targets.

    Saratoga will give these misfits a real surprise.
    Mr. Boyd should not be happy about his name being associated with these communists.

    After all, he and Ms. Yepsen along with Ms. Warner were seen in attendance at the July 4th swearing in ceremony at the Saratoga Battlefield…that does not make for communist radicals, does it?

    Awaiting Mr. Boyd’s response.
    Thanks for the heads-up, JK.



    1. Yet, I’m not laughing! This is NOT something to joke about – not in today’s climate and certainly not if you want your candidate to be taken seriously in a run for Public Safety.


  2. This is obviously a joke. I know Mr. Millis and he would not be associated with this group but his sense of humor shines through.


    1. Well, if this is a joke Mr. Millis has an interesting sense of humor particularly for someone who is now managing a campaign for a candidate for Public Safety Commissioner. I’m not sure which is more troubling—that Mr. Millis feels it is appropriate to post this while managing this campaign or that Mr. Hicks, who would be in charge of the police department if elected, either did not properly vet Mr. Millis or that he doesn’t care that his campaign manager has this on his Facebook page. I find it interesting as well that Mr. Millis has not offered the “This is obviously a joke” excuse himself.

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    2. Well David, we all know how tasteless humor can sometimes get the best of all of us, but if political correctness has truth, then I would have to agree with one of the accompanying mysterious individuals who questioned the vetting process and that person who chose the amogi that found humor instead of displeasure. We are what we like.


      1. I’m questioning the vetting process of the candidate himself. First, he shared a campaign manager with Patty Morrison yet refuted any suggestions that they were in the same camp and being supported by the McTygues (I wrote about me meeting with Kendal and Eileen in an earlier post). Now, he has chosen someone who – even at best has a poor sense on timing in his jokes and at worst…well, I’ll let you judge for yourself.

        So, if Mr. Hicks struggles to find a campaign manager who can properly represent him I’m not sure how well he’d do in the actual job.


  3. Bob is one of the more interesting, smart and funny individuals in this town. He s not going to reply here because he’s probably having more fun just lurking over these comments.


  4. Somehow the comment got deleted from the screen cap above. Robert Millis says “nice art work” which is actually true and not exactly supporting the cause depicted. Why was the comment deleted, which obviously changes the tenor of the post?

    Not to stand up for Robert Millis in any way. He has a range of eclectic and irreverent posts, including a current on that says he prefers lager to IPA. Now that is truly reprehensible.


      1. I did it to tag you. So the poster now shows up in your photos folder when people look. You know, the way you’ve been obsessively doing on my page.

        Meanwhile , to your false claims and shoddy journalism — if i may?

        Point: you published a “heard a rumor” post that the Hicks campaign was suspended; possibly on a permanent basis. This is outright FALSE. The truth is: Not a day has passed since Day One where not a single initiative took place with a goal of winning the election. Maybe it was a single email correspondence, maybe more. But each day was >0 in its activity count. That by definition, makes your claim False

        Point: said rumor was one of the reasons for my feeling the need to correct the record via the Campaign Update of July 3.

        Opinion: the fact that you apparently use the excuse of not getting a reaction from one certain individual as cover (excuse) to publish this rumor is, in my view, irresponsible.

        Point: you label me with a title of Campaign Manager, Sloppy, sloppy. FALSE. If you were to review: a) the Update, b) our direct correspondence; and c) other published records ….. you will not see that term associated with me in regard to this campaign. Subtle difference? Yes. But important. Did I say ‘sloppy’?

        Summary: if there is ever a desire on your part to engage in some sort of serious discussion vs your agenda-driven , Fox-like hit piece as is being displayed here; let me know. You’re buying.


      2. Mr. Millis:
        Thank you for your correction. In an email that I received from you on July 3, 2019 you wrote:

        I am now coordinating the Kendall Hicks campaign

        I think the readers of this blog can understand my mistake in concluding that this meant that you had taken on the role of campaign manager for Mr. Hicks. I apologize for assuming this was your title.

        This leads to the following questions, though, which I would appreciate you responding to in the interest of clarifying the situation:

        Who is Kendall Hicks’ campaign manager?

        How would you distinguish your responsibilities “coordinating the Kendall Hicks campaign” from that of a campaign manager?

        How does one contact the Hicks campaign?

        As to your other concern about information on this blog that Mr. Hicks’ campaign had been suspended, this was announced at the May 18 meeting of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee.

        In a May 15 email to the Democratic Committee Chair Courtney DeLeonardis, Ellen Egger-Aimone, who was Mr. Hicks’ campaign manager at the time, wrote:

        Dear Courtney,

        Kendall has asked me to submit the following statement. He would appreciate it if you would announce this on Saturday and make sure all members of the committee are aware.
        Kendall Hicks is suspending his campaigning activities until further notice to take personal time since the death of his father. Kendall thanks you for giving him the time and respect he and his family need at this difficult time.
        Thank you very much. Please let me know if you have any questions.

        Ellen Egger-Aimone, Campaign Manager

        When Mr. Hicks still had no public presence by June 4, 2019, I texted Ellen Egger-Aimone twice and then emailed her asking about the status of Mr. Hicks’ campaign. She never responded. Only after repeatedly receiving no response from his campaign manager did I write about the rumor that the suspension of his campaign may have become permanent, my attempts to verify the rumor, and the failure of Ms. Egger-Aimone to respond.


      3. Mr K

        I appreciate it… and: “fair enough” on your various points

        To A your Q’s….

        Q 1 & 2:
        Who is Kendall Hicks’ campaign manager?
        How would you distinguish your responsibilities “coordinating the Kendall Hicks campaign” from that of a campaign manager?
        (I’ll A these together)

        As we know, KH was in need of someone to take on some roles following the departure of his C/M
        I (eventually–hah!) agreed to do so.
        It was/is tee’d up whereas my primary function is to “re-set” the effort in an organizational and strategic-thinking manner
        There are some unique challenges (current & upcoming) to this campaign, so it needs a Plan. That’s what I’m good at.
        Without giving away too many “trade secrets” our org chart is a bit more decentralized than a traditional one
        Titles, therefore, are a bit different as well. So as of this minute (subject to change), we’re not using C/M as one.
        In addition, I did not want the designation of one to reflect as a “we replaced/pushed her” kind of thing. A role was done well.
        I guess i just like the word Coordinator better: for it better reflects my role of deploying people/assets to execute our new plan
        But as said: that “liquid” plan may end up wth it re-appearing.

        My responsibilities at this minute are probably best put as strategic-advisory.
        As an example: The immediate one I am dealing with right now is setting the process in place of how we “message” and “position” the campaign — esp when considering we now have a most-excellent, 5-star firm that specializes in this stuff involved and on-board. Process is important: hence my “strategic” work vs the normal “execution” work of a standard C/M.

        So YES, by default (until all the boxes are completely filled-in), I am the Point person for just about…everything. It’s early, my job is to structure the operation so it all flows when the action hits.

        Q 3:
        How does one contact the Hicks campaign?

        Right now it’s my direct line:

        That said, I am in the process of hanging new mailboxes directly off the campaign’s domain. (the gmail use is unprofessional, imho)… I’m just needing to clear the ole “when’s the kid with the server password getting back from his long vacation??” thing!
        Hey: this is a small-city’s local govt campaign, after all….

        Q4: Suspend, etc
        The hint of “permanent” is the more troubling
        Plus, I might (on a grouchy day) contend that the “rumor has it” would have been better replaced with the source names
        But:we’re certainly in motion. I’m one week in and thinking we’re in good shape to meet the challenges ahead.

        There you go: with this INSIDE BASEBALL (or as I like to say: Under the Hood) perspective all being part of KH’s “Transparency” directive.
        I, too, am a fan and practitioner of what we (in my tech-world life) call the Open Source approach to going about working with various inter-linked constituencies.
        So, it’s all good.
        (until its not)



  5. Wonderful Q&A…. Mr Hick’s campaign is domed in IMHO!…Who, The CM is—is moot…. Who the hell is Hicks? A Ron Kim wannabe?


    1. I have to agree “southside” – when one comes out swinging in response to questions and criticism it does not bode well. This is not the type of behavior that will work with the position Mr. Hicks is seeking and I repeat my concern above. His choice of someone to run/manage/control his campaign says much about him and his choices. So far, not at all a fan.

      PS: my earlier meeting with Mr. Hicks resulted in a similar “come out swinging” response he had to a criticism I made that he then deleted. It was I who reached out to hi via PM to discuss. His initial response was quite brusk and defensive. Birds of a feather…?

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  6. “Since 2017 antifa counterprotests have killed exactly ZERO people. Incels and Nazi-fetishizing 4channers have killed dozens.”


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