Rob Millis Doubles Down On Antifa

As Readers may recall, I published a post regarding Robert Millis who is now the campaign manager for Kendall Hicks, the Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety. Mr. Millis had put up on his website a poster that promoted Antifa. As noted in that post, Antifa is a loose association of predominantly young men who advocate tactics that promote violent confrontations with their alt right enemies and that commonly also involves vandalism.

People on the left who I know refer to them as infantile provocateurs.

In response to that post someone calling themselves “King Rat” submitted the following comment:

Bob is one of the more interesting, smart and funny individuals in this town. He s not going to reply here because he’s probably having more fun just lurking over these comments.

Shortly later Robert Millis did reply posting the following comment:

Right up there with watching compilation videos of WalMart fights!

Mr. Millis does not seem to grasp that the candidate whose campaign he is now managing is running for Commissioner of Public Safety, a position that  oversees the city’s Police and Fire Departments and that what he says and publishes now reflects  on that candidate, Kendall Hicks

Humor in a political campaign is a risky business. One would hope that Mr. Hicks is not amused, but we haven’t heard from him yet on this.

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