Kendall Hicks Re-emerges In Campaign For Commissioner of Public Safety

I received this release from Kendall Hicks:

July 3, 2019

Limited Release: Party, Allies, Media From the Desk of Kendall Hicks

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: PHASE II BEGINS! ___________________________________________

With primary season now completed and the calendar turning to July, my team and I enter the next phase of the campaign for election to the office of Commissioner of Public Safety. I’m very excited for what’s ahead.

My election opponent is Ms Robin Dalton. While I yet to have the privilege of knowing her very well, my impression is that she is a gracious and decent person who, like me, wants to serve our community. We are well-served having citizens willing to step up to make Saratoga a better – and safer – place to live, work and play. I thank her for getting involved.

This campaign will be respectful, civil, and focused on policy. Specifically, we will offer creative ideas to preserve and enhance public safety for all the citizens, visitors and neighborhoods of Saratoga Springs. I am confident that Ms Dalton shares that same ambition and I look forward to getting to know her better in the process.

I am running because I want to serve our community, and because I have the skills and experience necessary to serve our community well. I know how to provide oversight to agencies and organizations. I know how to lead men and women. I know how to be accountable to stakeholders; in this case the people of our great city.

Our campaign is primed and ready. Whereas our startup months were devoted to organizing the people-power necessary to get on the ballot (petitioning, canvassing, filing, etc.), we are now geared toward making our case known to the voters by bringing our message to the public.

In shifting toward this part of the campaign cycle, we have added — and will continue to add — people that are well- versed in the skills every successful campaign needs, including outreach and communication. To that end, Mr. Robert Millis has accepted my charge of assisting in this transition by coordinating our resources (people and otherwise) and by developing & delivering our message to the citizenry. Please feel free to say ‘hello’ +/or get involved at his contact listed below.

This open and transparent letter serves as the first of those initiatives; stay tuned for more to come. It’s going to be a great campaign!

Kendall Hicks

Democratic Party Candidate

Commissioner of Public Safety for the City of Saratoga Springs Campaign Coordinator: Robert Millis

2 thoughts on “Kendall Hicks Re-emerges In Campaign For Commissioner of Public Safety”

  1. Recently Saratoga Springs City School District has had trouble providing transportation to its high school students because of a shortage of drivers. In light of this would you support the return of Junior Class parking on Empire Ave to help alleviate the problem?


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