Efforts To Schedule Finance Commissioner Debate Founder

Two different organizations have attempted to plan a debate between Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan and her challenger in the upcoming June 25th   Democratic primary, Patty Morrison.  Both efforts have been unsuccessful so far.

As reported in an earlier post Eddy Miller, of the Independence Party which had endorsed Commissioner Madigan, had secured a room at the Racino for a debate. To ensure fairness they had a commitment from Chad Beatty, the publisher of Saratoga Today, to be the moderator. When Ms. Morrison responded that she was unable to attend on that date, Mr. Miller on May 14 offered her 6/17 and 6/19 as alternate dates.  Ms. Morrison never responded.

The League of Women Voters has now been trying to organize a debate between the two candidates.

I contacted Michele Madigan who forwarded me several emails she had sent to the person in the League organizing the event. Madigan sent her many dates beginning at the end of May up to the primary when she would be available for a League event.

Patty Morrison notified the League that she would not be available until June 19th (the Wednesday before the election). Interestingly June 19th was one of the two dates for a debate that the Independence Party offered Ms. Morrison that she did not respond to.

The date finally offered by the League was June 21, the Friday before the Tuesday primary and Michele Madigan’s anniversary.  For obvious reasons Michele Madigan was unavailable for that date. Oddly the venue offered was a small space in the Unitarian Church.  Commissioner Madigan had given the League a number of dates when she was available when the much larger space in the Library was also available. 

After once again offering Ms. Morrison a number of dates that she again rejected, the League has announced that their forum will not be happening. 

Meanwhile Independence Party Chair Eddy Miller has again reached out to Patty Morrison with a new offer of June 14 for a forum for the two candidates with Chad Beatty moderating and is hoping for a response. The forum is scheduled to take place in the Riley’s/Arrowhead Meeting Room at the Saratoga Casino Hotel, 342 Jefferson Street at 6:30 with the debate scheduled to run from 7PM to 8PM. Commissioner Madigan has accepted the invitation.

I am not aware of any events at this point where Ms. Morrison will be available to the public but will let readers know if I learn one is scheduled.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Morrison has such limited availability. The public would benefit by having the opportunity to hear from the two candidates together.


4 thoughts on “Efforts To Schedule Finance Commissioner Debate Founder”

  1. If Ms. Morrison is unable to free herself for a debate despite the flexibility of both the organizers and Michele Madigan, I’m thinking she does not understand the scope of the position she is applying for as it will require much more time on her part than she apparently has. Perhaps between her personal life, job and role on the School Board, she is just too busy to actually be a Commissioner in this city.

    The only other explanation might be that she is afraid to debate Michele knowing that she simply can’t compete with Michele’s history and accomplishments as Commissioner of Finance.

    The Democrat voters in Saratoga Springs deserve better than someone who wants to hide behind carefully worded written statements and lawn signs.


  2. It is blatantly obvious that Ms Morrison is ducking and dodging in an attempt to hide her ineptitude for this possible position. Discouraging that this blog is the only media outlet reporting on this.


  3. It is Interesting that even the League of Women Voter’s whose new membership includes this candidate, is unable to satisfy her time constraints. The Commissioner has been extremely flexible, outside her daily schedules to accommodate this challenger to a public forum before Democratic voters. I must agree with those who believe she is ducking this requirement for office. What does that really say about her potential?


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