Ugly Anonymous Website Appears on Saratoga Scene

Someone sent me a link to a new website being promoted by Bob Turner on his Facebook page.  The site is a sorry example of the way the web can be used to manipulate the public.

On the website’s “about” page it begins with “Who Are We.”  It offers:

“X (I am not giving ithe website’s name as I want to do nothing to further promote this enterprise ) is a group of citizens that loves our city.  We want our children and grandchildren to grow up here and enjoy this wonderful place for years to come.  We are made up of citizens from all walks of life and varied political affiliations…. (It goes on at some length with more of the same).”

The next section is entitled “What will we do”

It offers:

“X (Website name) will create forums and opportunities through which all citizens will be able to express the civic values embodied in our Mission Statement (I could find nothing on this website that called itself a mission statement).  X  will also provide an organizing platform, when necessary and desirable, to advance public policies that reflect these core values.”  

The site offers no information as to who the people managing this website actually are. In fact, under “contact” there is no email address or telephone number.  There are places to put your name and email address and then offer a “comment.”

I used this option to ask them who they were ( hopefully they will not paste in the pablum from their “who we are.”) .

I still haven’t heard back from them, but I went on the site today and saw that Ellen Egger-Aimone had successfully posted a comment.

As making a comment will apparently be the only way to participate in this group, and its mystery managers will excercise their powers of censorship and control over what comments are published this really is a parody of what a community website should be.

There are several articles on the website with the kind of shrill accusations that sound very much like the stuff that the people who were guilty of the worst excesses of the city manager charter campaign put out.

Interestingly, there was a previous website with the same website name that went moribund for a while.  The following is a screen shot from the people who posted a “Like” for it.  Of the six people listed, three were active with “It’s Time Saratoga” which was the group formed to promote passage of the city manager charter and they also served on the charter commission that drafted the plan.  They are Gordon Boyd, Jeff Altamari, and Bob Turner.  In addition, Susan Steer is married to Bob Turner.

This city deserves better.

One thought on “Ugly Anonymous Website Appears on Saratoga Scene”

  1. My guess, is that you are referring to this new anonymous entry. It is not so surprising that these individuals seek to further their political biases with their introduction into yellow journalism or as we have come to know, fake news. I wish that they had used a thoroughbred in their logo, but accuracy may not be part of the promise.

    My reaction to this introductory page.

    James P. Martinez
    Common Sense Saratoga finds itself in the company of its predecessor, It’s Time Saratoga and the companion covert blog Captain America, by continuing the unfortunate undertaking of incendiary propaganda to surreptitious undermine the government of our city. To require transparency of its commentators while at the same time remaining anonymous in order to provide its readers with its own version of common sense is hardly acceptable to a writer who claims his city and his audience should be open and transparent.

    It is less than academic to choose a reference to Thomas Paine’s pamphlet with this latest foray into anonymous character assassination of Council members without having the courage to sign one’s own name. Common Sense Saratoga is a fallacy imposed upon the citizens to tell us how to think, since it is based not on real knowledge, expertise or direct experience to make sound judgements but on limited practical knowledge and opinion. The public is neither stupid, nor ill-informed or poor decision makers and should be permitted to know who our most recent ghost writer is. Treat us with the respect that you require by getting out of the dark into the sunshine.
    Only then, will we have a respectful and honest public debate. It’s only common sense Bub.

    · Reply
    Common Sense Saratoga
    Common Sense Saratoga You are absolutely correct regarding the anonymity of the underlying support of the Common Sense site. Please check the site tomorrow and you will see the founding members listed in the “About” page. Thank you for the feedback.


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