4 thoughts on “Meaning Of Founder”

  1. And this encryption is for James the Martian-ez.

    Think I got it:

    Founder vs. Loster
    “Found-her!” (Michelle)
    “Lost-her!” (Peppermint Patti)

    And Looooozer: Paulus Tonkus; for falling in line to impeach the big guy.
    When all-along it is China; out spending Russia with their billions.
    Talk about vested interests.

    Can you say Huawei (Howwhy, Highway…whatever).
    Russia has no G5. China IS G5 and has serious plans to control the west.
    Ask yourselves: What do we buy from Russia? How much can Russia produce?

    We lost Kirsten, now Paul.
    McTie-us-up-in-knots, all.

    You’re welcome, Gayle.



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