What Will The New City Hall Look Like Inside?

Below is a news release from the city. At the bottom are the images.

City of Saratoga Springs

Department of Public Works

Anthony “Skip” Scirocco, Commissioner of Public Works 


May 15, 2019518-587-3550 ext 2556 


Saratoga Springs DPW Releases City Hall Preliminary Renderings of City Hall Restoration and Renovation Project

Saratoga Springs, NY – In advance of a Design Review Commission (DRC) presentation on May 15, 2019 at 7 p.m., the Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works released preliminary renderings of the City Hall restoration and renovation project. The renderings include a view of the main hallway, entrance vestibule, and music hall, along with renderings of the new City Court hearing room and elevator. 


“The concept was to preserve historical elements as part of the project and to showcase public areas so that everyone in our community can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the building,” said Public Works Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco. “At the same time it is important to update City Hall into a functional municipal building, with fifty years of desperately required building improvements and to plan for fifty years into the future.”


Following a lightning strike on August 17, 2018, which resulted in some fire and significant water damage to the south side of the circa 1871 building, the City Council immediately started the process to restore the damage. In consideration of  the 2013 state mandate to provide additional court facilities, the Council decided it was the appropriate time to renovate the entire building to make room for the courts needs. The City hired Architectural/Engineering Firm Clark Patterson Lee to design and provide professional services to the City.


The project includes the addition of an HVAC system, court offices, elevator (for ADA compliance) and additional public meeting spaces, along with IT and security enhancements. Building infrastructure improvements to the electrical, plumbing, heating, along with sound attenuation are also planned. Professional construction estimates put the renovation project at approximately ten million dollars. A majority of this cost can be attributed to building changes that are a result of adding additional court facilities. Funding for the project will come from the city’s capital budget program and a portion from insurance reimbursement.


The DRC meeting is an opportunity for DPW to obtain valuable feedback on the project from DRC members, the Preservation Foundation, and members of the public.


“We’ve included many suggestions from these groups and individuals thus far and will continue to do so, this is an important project and quality feedback ensures that we get the best possible outcome for the public,” said Scirocco.


The project is in an extended bid phase which will last through to June. Asbestos abatement is ongoing as additional asbestos has been identified in the historic building. The project schedule has been adjusted for partial completion by the end of 2019, with final completion in early 2020 based on the outcome of the bid process.


5 thoughts on “What Will The New City Hall Look Like Inside?”

  1. And what became of Hud Armstrong’s painted wall-mural?

    Did they finally put a frame around it or was it…
    (Don’t even want to think about it.)
    Sounds like something to be investigated by Mr. Martinez.




    1. Hud’s painting wasn’t damaged but I suspect before things are complete, he may be called in to determine if it requires any conservation. It was painted on the plaster, so it is fragile.


      1. Anybody take a photo?

        Does the name TOM STOCK ring a bell?
        It might not be unreasonable to suggest that the city hire Tom Stock of Stock Studios Photography to take a high resolution digital photo of the mural for archive and replication.

        The mural can be duplicated exactly to size using this method.
        The city has a few very high-esteemed graphics professionals from which to choose.

        First and foremost being Mr. Tim Welch.
        Instructor of Graphics Technology at ACC and owner of LazerPix–he’s the man!

        Other talented professionals to consider:
        Skip Grant of Grant Graphics and Tom Wheeler of AJ Signs in Round Lake come to mind.

        If this has preventative, preservation action has not been considered, it should be done and fast!
        And you are the city’s trusted adviser in such matters, for sure.

        Thank you for all that you do.



    1. There has been a great deal of that has been done, and much of the interior will be reorganized. The demolition and the abatement is almost complete. The law library is gone (to the county) and the Building Department will acquire that space on the third floor. The physical spaces for the Police department and the Public Works is reorganized. The illustrations are focussing on finishes and treatments. It looks good to me. Public Works under Skip Scirocco should be commended for shepherding this project and all the departments should be complimented for working under less than perfect conditions and providing the city with exemplary services during this time. I believe everyone will be impressed, but in the end I feel that the staff will miss that time spent in the Peace Corp on Vanderbilt Avenue. One feels a special synergy amongst all those employees in that gymnasium that one experiences together under difficult circumstances. We won’t miss the patina of the old tile floor.

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