Anti-Union Dinner Moves to Chianti’s Restaurant

First, let me advise my readers that due to time constraints I am writing this post without the assistance of my editor so any incoherence or typographical errors are entirely my fault.

There is some confusion over multiple dinners headlining Rebecca Friedrichs. Ms Friedrichs was the plaintiff in an important anti-union suit discussed in previous posts.

Ms. Friedrichs will apparently still be speaking on Friday night at the Hall of Springs for the Saratoga County Women’s Republican County Committee. The Choice New York event will be this evening at 8:00 (Not sure of time) at Chianti II Ristorante on Division Street.

So for all the readers of this blog on the left you may prefer Panza’s for Italian food in the future and for all the readers of this blog on the right, you may want to patronize Chianti’s for your Italian food.

As for me attending, I plan to watch the last episode of Suburra on Netflix (highly recommended) Italian TV series about crime and corruption in Rome. There are several scenes in which the characters dig into pasta with olive oil, garlic and hot peppers. I think I may cook some up to go with watching TV.

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