Saratoga County Women’s Republican Club Dinner to Feature Anti-union Speaker

Todd Kerner, Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chair, sent me the following flyer which announces that the Saratoga County Women’s Republican Club will have Rebecca Friedrichs as their guest speaker at their upcoming dinner. Friedrichs was the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case (Friedrichs v. California Teachers’ Association) that was the precursor to the case that prohibited public employee unions from collecting partial dues from employees who were covered by union contracts. Friedrichs was to be featured at a dinner put on by New Choice NY that, as noted in an earlier post, had been scheduled to be held at Panza’s until Panza’s decided not to host them.  I would note that New Choice was offering a free meal to those attending their dinner featuring Friedrichs. I’m wondering if the GOP women will be offering the same deal.

One thought on “Saratoga County Women’s Republican Club Dinner to Feature Anti-union Speaker”

  1. What’s so not to like?

    Friedrichs scaring people?
    Such weenies!

    If our social-unionists were righteous and honest, nobody would have anything to fear.
    Hey! We don’t want the likes of Ms. F. to shine a light on our own racketeers a/k/a the teachers union.

    Remember when the NYS Federation of Teachers was a noble cause?
    Gotta go back some 30-40 years before those mega-pensions kicked in.

    Check your school tax.
    30 years ago–IT WAS 25% of WHAT IT IS TODAY.
    And for what?
    If they were SO SMART — they wouldn’t be whining so much.

    Remember–the best defense is a strong offense.
    Maybe it’s time to unplug & go back to chalk boards.
    Worked for a good many years when the teachers were a humble lot.

    But I digress…

    MAYBE: It would be worth attending if just to see Elise.
    She’s proved herself to be a real asset for the north county.
    Quite sensible. An approachable, intelligent alternative; actually.

    Might be worth the look-see?
    OR–have some become all so “conservative” and set in their ways for a bunch of “liberals?”
    Feel an oxymoron coming…



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