Woytowich And Saratoga Parents For Safer Schools Amicably Part

Connie Woytowich who is running for the Saratoga Springs School District Board of Education has severed her relationship with Saratoga Parents For Safer Schools.

Ms. Woytowich released the following statement from her website:

I appreciate the support from the community as I announced that I rescinded the acceptance of my endorsement from Saratoga Parents for Safer Schools yesterday. I am moving on and am on civil terms with SPFSS. For those more curious, you can read more about it in Zach Matson’s article .

Saratoga Springs Parents For Safer Schools’ Statement:

As of March 27, 2019 Saratoga Parents for Safer Schools and school board candidate Connie Woytowich have decided to part ways in a civil manner. SPFSS wishes Connie much success in her campaign going forward. She is a dedicated teacher and valued member of the community.

As with any partnership, there are often times differences of opinion in regards to information dissemination.  Unfortunately, this was the case.

We look forward to continuing on our mission and are actively seeking a qualified candidate to fill the third position. SPFSS is committed to the promise of restored safety and looks forward to the May 21st election.

Stay tuned for our future announcement!

This is the post from the Saratoga Parents For Safer Schools’ Facebook page that precipitated the split:


2 thoughts on “Woytowich And Saratoga Parents For Safer Schools Amicably Part”

  1. Thanks for getting this around. Important public service.

    What awful tactics by SPSS. Hate to see it at this level.


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