The Petitions Are In: Who Is Running For Saratoga Springs  City Council and Saratoga County Board of Supervisors

I will be writing more extensively on this but I thought I would get this list out quickly.

All petitions for the respective parties had to be filed with the Saratoga County Board of Elections by the end of the business day, today (April 4) so we have the final line up.

The Incumbents:                               Party

Mayor: Meg Kelly                            Democratic/Working Family/Independence

Accounts: John  Franck                  Democratic/Working Family/Independence

Finance: Michele Madigan            Democratic/Working Family/Independence

Supervisor: Tara Gaston                 Democratic/Working Family

Public Works: Skip Scirocco          Republican/Conservative/Independence

Supervisor: Matt Veitch                  Republican/Conservative/Independence


The Challengers:

Mayor: Tim Holmes                         Republican/Conservative

Finance: Bob Barile                         Republican/Conservative

Public Safety: Robin Dalton           Republican/Conservative/Independence

Supervisor: Steve Mittler               Republican/Conservative

Public Safety: Kendall Hicks           Democratic

Public Works: Dillon Moran           Democratic

Finance: Patty Morrison                 Democratic

Although petitions were circulated for Eilleen Finneran for Public Safety, she did not submit them to the Board of Elections .  She sent out the following statement:

After weeks of meeting with many supportive and encouraging Saratogians, I have decided not to run for the office of Public Safety Commissioner of the City of Saratoga Springs. I have previously served as Deputy Mayor and Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety for 10 years. While I hope someday to continue serving the City I love, now is not the right time for me. I appreciate the support I have received from the Saratoga Springs Democratic Party and, in particular, from the dedicated volunteers who collected the hundreds of petition signatures necessary to put my name on the ballot for the primary election to be held in June. I also appreciate the encouragement I received from Mayor Meg Kelly and Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan. I will vote for both of them this year, and I recommend that other voters do the same. Our most critical public safety need remains a third emergency facility in the eastern part of the city. I urge all Saratogians to support the City Council’s efforts to finally build that much needed facility. 





One thought on “The Petitions Are In: Who Is Running For Saratoga Springs  City Council and Saratoga County Board of Supervisors”

  1. Can’t wait to vote Meg, Michelle, Skip, John, Matt and Robin into office. This group will continue to do an amazing job for a saratoga! Level headed leadership thatbknows how to govern for the entire town!

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