A Video Interview With John DeMarco: The Man Who Loved Books

Here is  a video of a wonderful  interview with John DeMarco done by the Antiquarian Bookseller Association of America.  If you never had the good fortune of meeting John, it gives you some feeling for who he was.  Most of all he was a man who loved books..







3 thoughts on “A Video Interview With John DeMarco: The Man Who Loved Books”

  1. The interview says so much about John and what an amazing person he was fundamentally. So interesting to hear how his life in books evolved, in contrast to how the world has evolved. Bittersweet on so many levels. Thank you for posting it.

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  2. Excellent video John!
    We should celebrate Mr. DeMarco for all he’s done.
    A good person, honorable citizen, fine Saratogaian!

    Found this while visiting the Saratoga Room at the library:

    Saratoga is “literary” blessed!


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    1. Thank you, JC, for another lovely video. John DeMarco is indeed part of a great literary tradition in Saratoga Springs that stretches back generations.


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