ZBA Unanimously Reapproves Code Blue Proposal

The Saratoga Springs Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to approve Shelters of Saratoga’s plans to build a permanent Code Blue shelter at 14 Walworth Street.

The Planning Board must sill approve the ZBA decision. The neighbors who opposed the shelter must decide within 30 days whether or not to appeal.

Here is a link to the Saratogian article on this topic:

Saratogian Article

5 thoughts on “ZBA Unanimously Reapproves Code Blue Proposal”

  1. JK, this is a tough one. I guess we need to ask ourselves, what if this were in my back yard? There are many volunteers at Code Blue who deserve a lot of credit. The ones I have talked with are afraid that we will be attracting the homeless from other areas that have less desirable places to stay when the weather turns cold. It’s a dilemma. This building will no doubt be occupied throughout the year, not just in winter.


    1. The Salvation Army chose not to continue to house Code Blue two years ago. And while I know they do a good deal of good for many people, some of those I’ve encountered have a very narrow and somewhat pejorative view of those using substances – which can make it difficult for some to accept their help.

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  2. JK, I just found out through my younger-generation friends, the users of texting and facebook, etc. …..the use of the letters JK when making comments, is a shortened version of “joking” or “I’m joking” ….”it’s a joke, etc.”
    So I hope nobody reading these comments think that I intend to be joking when I address John Kaufmann as JK.
    Just thought I would clear that up.


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