Recent Developments Regarding the On-Going Drama of Charter Change

[Your blogger is currently in London binging on theater productions.  As proof I offer this picture of myself hanging out with Brian Cranston who is appearing at the National Theater in a production of Paddy Chayefsky’s Network]

Blogger and Brian Cranston

Trouble in Watertown

The promoters of Charter Change in Saratoga Springs have prominently featured Watertown as a good example of the city manager model.  They have hosted the city manager of Watertown here in Saratoga Springs a number of times.  Apparently Watertown is now considering dropping the city manager form and replacing it with a strong mayor form.  The mayor has agreed to establish a charter commission to pursue this change.  Two newly elected council members ran and won on a platform of changing the form.

Here is a link to the story:

Filing of Papers Regarding Saratoga Springs Charter Vote Results Delayed

Both sides have requested a two week delay to resubmit paperwork. If granted by the judge the paperwork would now be due on January 22.


6 thoughts on “Recent Developments Regarding the On-Going Drama of Charter Change”

  1. Hail Britannia!

    Brings back fond memories of a theatre binge of lore; featured Patti Lupone and John Hausemann at The Old Vic. Ahhhh…but Chicago sufficed nicely at Proctor’s yesterday evening! A bit chilly for the octogenarians but more convenient than flying down to Broadway; just sayin.’

    And so; the charter drama continues.
    This but’s for you:

    Watertown, oh Watertown!
    But so, go the masses.
    Alas but a forthnight of Gordon’s missing glasses!
    “Where shalt they be?” Says he, with a grudge.
    Yet atop the professor’s dander…
    “Indeed!;” says the judge.

    If only the eyes can see.

    Keep up the good work.
    You are the only local news we have save Chad.
    IE: The Togian ran a story this morning about the relentless cold…in BOSTON.
    Too bad there is so little local reporting.



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