10 thoughts on “Instructions For Paying City Property Taxes Early”

  1. I just returned from prepaying my 2018 city property taxes and it couldn’t have been simpler to do.

    The city website has clear, simple directions to follow and the employees in the Finance office couldn’t have been more cordial and efficient. On top of the hoped for federal income tax advantage I also got a discount for paying the year’s city taxes in one payment, something which is always offered but that I had never taken advantage of before.
    Kudos to Commissioner Madigan and her staff for pulling all this together on such short notice!


  2. Thanks for the information.

    Does anyone know the number to call to report unshoveled sidewalks? I can understand if someone is elderly and disabled, but there are quite a few houses with healthy young folks who don’t bother clearing their snow.

    I thought the city was cracking down last year and issuing summons? Have they stopped?


    1. 518-587-3550.
      Ask for Public Safety. Good luck.

      Many young folks are transients doing the “Air-BNB” thing.
      Nice kids but alas; no vested interest; no responsibility; no guilt.

      There is but no negative consequence for not being conscientious citizens in this new socialist paradigm.
      How’s that working out for ya?

      Happy New Year all!



  3. New DPS Commish starting 1/1/18.
    Maybe he will enforce the laws on the books. Instead of ridiculous “no idling your car for more than 5 minutes” and other drivel conjured up by out-going commish. The police actually said they would not be enforcing some of the new laws that he enacted.
    Happy New Year. Things can only get better.


    1. While the title of the office is Public Safety, it only covers police and fire. Sidewalks and enforcement comes out of the Department of Public Works. You can ask for Code Enforcement (who unfortunately are understaffed) and they will possibly get on it. Taking a picture and send it in can also help.


      1. Thank you for the reply.

        With more snow on the way, I hope Code Enforcement keeps our sidewalks safe and our city walkable.


  4. Not true Gayle, but we enjoy your comments. Public Safety also encompasses code enforcement, traffic controls such as traffic lights, truck inspections etc. Building inspectors also used to be public safety but are now under the Mayor’s dept.


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