City Center Issues Release Documenting That The Owners Of The Mouzon House Had Agreed To The City Center Parking Facility

Interesting article from the November 7th edition of the Saratogian regarding the on-going conflict between the Pedinottis who own the Mouzon House and the City Center over the City Center’s plans to build a parking facility. This is a link to the story:

Apparently the City Center is going on the public relations offensive.  According to the Saratogian the Center issued a release:

“The release said before the Pedinottis purchased the parcel, they were informed by the city the other parcel would be used to develop an adjacent parking lot.

In late 2004, the lawyer for the Pedinottis told the then-City Council his clients understood fully the plans for a parking lot south of their sight in the future, the release said.”

“The release said minutes from a Jan. 12, 2005 city Planning Board meeting stated: “The board noted that it is likely that the adjacent public parking lot will be redeveloped and that there could be a large building constructed which [would] block the sun to this property. The Pedinotti’s lawyer said that the applicant is aware of this possibility and will not oppose such efforts to redevelop the property.”

The Pedinottis have an on-going suit that challenges the city’s revision of its ordinances that would allow buildings downtown to block the sun of adjacent buildings.

Dianne Pedinotti responded to the release with the following statement:

“What the City Center press release fails to recognize is the fact that we support good, responsible development of the most valuable and last remaining lots in our urban core. We have supported developers that have proposed good designs that incorporate first-floor retail, incubator space, workforce housing as well as parking for the City Center,” said the co-owner of the Mouzon House. “The designs presented would bring people, business and parking to our urban core as well as revenue to our city. The current standalone garage would lose money for at least the first five years. The design houses cars and only cars and, in this day and age of Uber and Lyft and self-driving cars, will be obsolete before it is finished.”


3 thoughts on “City Center Issues Release Documenting That The Owners Of The Mouzon House Had Agreed To The City Center Parking Facility”

  1. JK, whether relevant, or not, here is a bit of history of that parcel of land, and surrounding parcels.
    Along that street, High Rock Ave., there used to be a thriving neighborhood. Albeit, somewhat impoverished, there were many homes that dotted the street. As we all know, Urban Renewal moved all of the homes, all of the citizens, to “better” locations. With the exception of the Mouzon House. The owner fought UR, and won. It took a long time, but the owner won the right to stay at that location.
    Back in that day, there was a street called York Street, that ran east and west from High Rock Ave. up to Maple Ave. On the “kitty corner” from the present Mouzon House, there was the former VFW on High Rock and Rock St.
    Interesting that in 2017 the owners are as steadfast as the women who defied Urban Renewal, and won her case.


  2. So the Pedinotti’s were for (or at least not opposed) to the City Center parking garage before they were against it. I hope the City Center continues to put forward their side of this story including the many offers they have made to the Pedinotti’s to protect and enhance their business.

    What the Pedinottis don’t seem to understand is that for convention centers to remain viable they need convenient and sufficient parking to accommodate attendees and presenters, many of whom are transporting quantities of materials for displays and presentations. They are not coming to town on bicycles or Uber and will look to Albany and other locations for their events as parking is one of the main considerations in booking conventions.

    Those of us who have lived in Saratoga for a number of years have witnessed the transformation of downtown as the city center has thrived. The city center has already lost business, however, because of the parking issue and with Albany’s new convention center up and running there is the threat of further erosion. None of the proposals the Pedinotti’s supported met the city center’s needs. One was just a concept with no detailed plans while another offered an abundance of office space. Just what we need with Ayco leaving. Almost all of the recent new buildings in town have been mixed use and almost all have vacancies. So much for “if you build it, they will come.” It’s not like there’s a waiting list of new businesses looking for more space to open up. In any case there will still be substantial space on that lot along Lake Avenue for future development.

    Most infuriating, though, was the way the charter change people used this issue to push for a change in government. In the first of their glossy multipage mailings they cite the stalled city center parking facility as an example of how the Commission form of government doesn’t work. “Decades of delay and controversy show why our current government cannot deliver the services Saratoga needs for its future,” it proclaimed.

    First of all development controversies like this can and do appear in any city and have nothing to do with conflicts between departments or the commission form of government. Most galling, though, is that those who are now complaining about the stalled project were in fact themselves deeply involved in trying to delay and stop it. Rick Fenton, head of It’s Time Saratoga, the PAC supporting charter change, was also one of the those most active in trying to thwart the City Center’s plans. I guess you could call that “hutzpa.”

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  3. “Most infuriating, though, was the way the charter change people used this issue to push for a change in government. ”

    Track/wall/ See ya!

    Indeed sir, congrats for once again clearing the bases… Please let me follow with a solo shot for emphasis:
    These disinformation dispensers followed the City Center gambit with the absurd notion that “the City Council lost Ayco.”

    Gee – a completely available site to control and consolidate operations with unlimited parking in Latham (the former Starlite Theater site). Versus what? Even if a City Manager would go buns up with tax incentives, free land for pete’s sake – where would that parcel be? In this City?

    This, in a nutshell, is why they lost. It wasn’t the ten votes… it was the thousand they squandered by being b-ser’s… ( BTW John , can I say bullshitters here, or does that bring the flag?)

    Either way. President Trump didn’t pardon THESE turkeys, did he?

    Too bad for them. For they don’t get a mulligan for one of the largest botch jobs in local electoral history.

    I doubt the Mayor is prepping a proclamation for this achievement, so this recognition will have to do. For now.


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