Ballot Count Update

Today, Monday, November 20, was the deadline for receiving military ballots for the November 7 election at the Board of Elections.  None were received leaving the election results where they were last week after the absentee ballots were counted. The charter change proposal remains defeated by ten votes. Some charter change supporters indicated last week that they may consider asking for a manual recount of all the ballots. I do not know if they are still considering this. I will post any new information as it becomes available.

5 thoughts on “Ballot Count Update”

  1. The end of an error.

    In this case, I advocate a hand count. Some may see it as a waste of more money, but I would like them to receive an officially certified, no question, loss.

    The Charter Commission deserves nothing less than an officially sanctioned three-time loser designation.


    1. What’s so scary?? This totally corrupt hand-picked Commission by Yepsen packaged a narrative of lies and deception and nearly pulled off a scam that would make Vladimir Putin blush!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to JK and Jane. As well as a holiday greeting to all the regulars on this blog.
    Job well done JK. We are thankful for all of your efforts. Your sense of humor also comes through in your postings and it is appreciated.

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