Charter Supporters Go To Court

On Thanksgiving Day Gordon Boyd, former treasurer of the Charter review Commission, sent out an email addressed to “Dear Friends”. The email announced that “Tomorrow, Friday November 24 we will go to court to request an Order to impound all ballots and voting materials used in…the referendum for the city charter…” It is not clear who exactly is taking this action. Mr. Boyd only refers to his “colleagues” and regularly uses the indefinite term “we”.

In addition to the court action he writes that a FOIL for what are basically all documents associated with the election including copies of the ballots has been submitted to the Saratoga County Board of Elections.

The following is an excerpt from the letter:

“Tomorrow, Friday November 24, we will go to court to request an Order to impound all ballots and voting materials used in the General Election and referendum for the City Charter, and directing a review of the canvassing of ballots and the operations of the voting machines.  If the court grants our motion, the Order will allow us to review every vote that was cast and to make sure that the counting has been accurate.”

There is a lot to chew on in what is a fairly long email and I will be posting a more detailed analysis tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Charter Supporters Go To Court”

  1. A recount? For what?
    Mr. Goy-Boy’s backers must be VERY disappointed with him.

    But he PROMISED they would win!
    Sounds like a “Hillary;” all over again.

    Spare us.



  2. The court will give this the heave-ho, just because Gordie wants a recount there should be a recount?? Can we also have a brain wave test? In all fairness Shirley we can all see this recount has no merit!

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  3. Found this for Merlin & Henry:


    “Police Squad!: Revenge and Remorse (The Guilty Alibi) (#1.4)” (1982)
    Det. Frank Drebin: All right, Eddie. Let’s go over it again. Where were you last night?
    Eddie Casales: I told you a dozen times, I was at the movies.
    Norberg: [Norberg comes in carrying a box of sandwiches] I’ve got the sandwiches here.
    Ed Hocken: All right, Eddie, you went to the movies. Now what did you see?
    Eddie Casales: I told you, I don’t remember!
    Norberg: [sniffs a paper bag] Who had the egg salad?
    Ed Hocken: [sarcastic] ‘I don’t remember’
    Norberg: Hey, somebody ordered it.
    Det. Frank Drebin: You can’t expect us to buy that.
    Norberg: But I already paid for it.
    Eddie Casales: Why don’t you give a guy a break?
    Norberg: Thanks a lot.
    Eddie Casales: What’s the charge, huh?
    Norberg: Eh, 4.58.
    Ed Hocken: What’re you trying to do, insult us?
    Norberg: Okay, 3.50. Coffee’s on me.
    Eddie Casales: I told ya, I went to the movies, I fell asleep, I don’t remember!
    Det. Frank Drebin: You don’t expect us to swallow that!
    Norberg: All right, I’ll eat it! But I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to pay for it.
    [walks off with sandwiches]

    The problem with the charter-change-guys is simple:
    You can try to please them all you want but in the end…
    There is nothing anybody can do to make them happy.
    So, why should the city taxpayers have to pay for it?

    Miriam is right.



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