Commissioner Madigan Announces Appointment of Temporary Deputy

[JK: Press Release Received Today]


February 6, 2017

Commissioner of Finance, Michele Madigan Telephone:  (518) 587-3550 ext 2577 Email:

Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan Announces the Appointment of Susan Dugan-Armstrong as Acting Deputy Commissioner of Finance

Saratoga Springs, NY – Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan announced today the appointment of Susan Dugan-Armstrong as Acting Deputy Commissioner of Finance, filling in for Deputy Commissioner of Finance Lynn Bachner while she is on leave. Susan has served most recently as the City’s Website Content Coordinator and was responsible for the design and implementation of the City’s Smartphone Application “Saratoga Mobile”.

Susan was the owner and CEO of a successful local computer company for over 7 years, which was voted best computer store by the Saratogian in 2010.  As the owner of a small business Susan managed the company finances, produced yearly budgets, prepared federal, state and local tax statements, ensured sales tax payments, and managed the company payroll ensuring compliance with payment and reporting requirements.

Susan’s experience also includes working for Farm Credit Bank in the Accounting Department and for Knolls Atomics power Lab as a Security Specialists for 8 years.

Susan holds degrees in Business and Nursing, having graduated at the top of her class from Mildred Elley Nursing School in 1997.  She has taught Adult Continuing Education cooking classes at Saratoga Springs High School on and off over the last 10 years.

Commissioner Madigan stated  “Susan has been working for the City for several months now, so I have had the opportunity first hand to understand the depth of her skills as it pertains to position of Deputy Commissioner of Finance, which manages both the Finance and the Information Technology Departments of the City”. Madigan also stated “We were very fortunate to have such a capable person already on staff when Deputy Commissioner Bachner went on leave. Her knowledge of the City, business, and technology allows her to add value from the moment she takes on her new role. Her professionalism, skills, and knowledge will benefit the City overall,” said Commissioner Madigan.


Michele Madigan

Commissioner of Finance

City of Saratoga Springs

474 Broadway

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

518-587-3550 ext. 2557


7 thoughts on “Commissioner Madigan Announces Appointment of Temporary Deputy”

  1. Gayle did not take a leave, unfortunately, she was let go from her position. However, Joe Ogden, previous Deputy Mayor did take a family medical leave during his tenure as Deputy. There are many reasons why people, both men and women, take a leave of absence.
    Thank you, Commissioner Michele Madigan


    1. Joe Ogden did not take a family medical leave. You either need to admit you are lying or disclosing a HIPPA protected fact that is a federal violation of the HIPPA Act. I hope Mr. Ogden does not read this as the city will pay and pay and pay.

      P.S. I have downloaded this page as evidence so John do not delete my posts as that would be an accomplice’s job.


      1. Paula, Nothing has been violated. There was nothing confidential about this leave, as a matter of fact this is the email response one would get when contacting the former deputy mayor during his leave “Deputy Ogden will be out of the office until March 28th on Family Medical Leave of Absence. Please contact Gayle LaSalle at or 518-587-3550 x 2520.” I know there are those who thrive on drama and controversy, but really let’s try for rational thought and interaction.


      2. Commissioner Madigan said “I know there are those who thrive on drama and controversy, but really let’s try for rational thought and interaction.”

        I wish you would.


  2. Does “leave” mean with pay, or without pay.
    I was always told that each department is budgeted for only ONE deputy for each dept.
    I think that this is a very important question. Deputies salaries are how much?


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