Joe Ogden Clarifies His Leave

Joseph Ogden, previous deputy mayor, has reached out to me in an effort to clear up a misunderstanding noted on in the comments section of a recent posting. He wanted readers to know that he did in fact take FMLA leave last year, for approximately one month as was his right to do so, for the birth of his son, Jude. He does not believe that Commissioner Madigan’s comments violate any provision of HIPPA whatsoever, and would also like to note that, in his experience, the city does not in any way discriminate against men or women who take or attempt to take FMLA leave.

6 thoughts on “Joe Ogden Clarifies His Leave”

    1. Yes, Paula, the natural thing for Joe to do would have been to put out press release regarding the comment section of a blog. What was he thinking – there MUST be more to this! Of course, we couldn’t take John Kaufmann’s word for it, given his long-standing reputation for twisting words – he is generally known as the Kelly Ann Conway of Saratoga Springs. I leave it to you to sniff this one out. Keep at it!


  1. I believe John K and I don’t think there is any need for drama or controversy, or press releases. We have more important things to discuss, like finding Tom Brady’s jersey.


  2. I don’t believe thee were any violations by Com Madigan regarding Hippa, but I do think it is against HR policy in City Hall to publicly disclose information about an employee’s termination. But, Com Madigan already publicly spoke on the matter during a city council meeting. If it isn’t against HR policy it should be, if it’s not i guess we can just chalk it up to unprofessionalism.


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