SUCCESS Speaks Out Against May Vote on Charter

The City Council will be deciding on whether to approve the charter commission’s requests for funding at its regularly scheduled meeting this Tuesday, February 7, at 7PM in city hall. I anticipate that the Council will consider separately the commission’s request for general operating funds and its request for $37,000 to put their proposed charter change on the ballot for a special election on May 30.

I have received a press release from SUCCESS which is opposing the May 30 scheduling of a special election and supports keeping the commission form of government that currently exists in the city. Below is their press release and a description of their organization they sent me.”

SUCCESS Overview

SUCCESS was founded in 2006 to support Saratoga Springs’ Commission form of government. Our primary goals are to alert, inform, and energize voters around charter change issues.

SUCCESS is a non-partisan citizen’s organization that opposes attempts to abandon Saratoga Springs’ Commission form of government that we feel has contributed to Saratoga Springs becoming the most successful city in upstate New York.

SUCCESS members include Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, and members of the Independence Party as well as those who are unaffiliated.

SUCCESS led the last two campaigns to defeat charter change proposals in 2006 and 2012. The organization has recently been reactivated to be sure residents are informed about the latest plan to hold a referendum on May 30th to attempt again to replace the Commission form of government with imitations of structures used in other cities which we feel do not offer the transparency, accountability of and accessibility to elected officials that we enjoy under our current charter.

Press Release

News Contact: Richard Sellers,, 518-859-9218

SUCCESS: Saratogians United to Continue the Charter Essential for Saratoga’s Success

The Charter Commission has formally announced its plan to schedule a referendum to change Saratoga Springs’ form of government in a Special Election on May 30th, instead of putting the issue on the ballot at the regularly scheduled November election.

The Charter Commission has not yet made many critical decisions about the plan that is to go before voters.

SUCCESS is stating its formal opposition to this needless special election. SUCCESS is a non-partisan Saratoga Springs citizen’s organization that supports the Commission form of government. Our members led the last two campaigns to defeat charter change proposals in 2006 and 2012.

After the 3-day Memorial Day holiday, we are concerned that many Saratogians will not be aware that there is an election, and the turnout could be very low. This is not a fair way to decide on the very constitution of our city.

Note that the Charter Commission is claiming the turnout will be high. We leave it to voters’ common sense to make their own judgment about the turnout and decide for themselves how likely it is that an early summer special election will get a higher turnout than the regularly scheduled November election.

We feel the Charter Commission is pushing for the first special election in our city’s history because the lower turnout will give them a better chance to win approval for the new charter they are proposing.  Voters resoundingly rejected previous charter change proposals and supported the Commission form of government twice in less than 11 years.

In 2006, Saratogians defeated a Strong Mayor proposal in all 25 voting districts by 62-38%.

In 2012, Saratogians defeated a City Manager proposal in 23 of the 25 voting districts by a 58-42% margin.

Note that Pat Kane led both the 2006 and 2012 campaigns and was appointed vice chair of the current 2017 Charter Commission to try again to push through a change of government.


Remigia Foy, Chair

Bonnie Sellers, Vice Chair

Jim Brophy, Treasurer

Jane Weihe, Secretary

6 thoughts on “SUCCESS Speaks Out Against May Vote on Charter”

  1. “SUCCESS members include Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, and members of the Independence Party as well as those who are unaffiliated.”

    No, they don’t.


    1. Just checked the enrollment books….Remigia Foy..Independent…Bonnie Sellers…Republican…James Brophy..Independent…Jane Weihe..Democrat,,well jc alternate facts here..mmmmmmmmmmm


  2. There are no ideal forms of local government. The best way to proceed would be with a government that maximizes efficiency and accountability in daily operations, ensures that the interests of its citizens are well represented and enables a wide sector of the population to be able to participate directly. The Commission form of government fails miserably on all counts. This is why concerned citizens and officials continue to bring proposals for significant Charter reform back for re-consideration.

    Chris Mathiesen


    1. That’s not the reason here at all,the reason for this newest waste of time is quite simple…Yepsen and Co. want to get rid of the entire City Council…WHY?…she hates Madigan and Scirocco and can’t beat them at the best thing change the Gov’t never mind that the voters beat this city manager form 3 years ago and will defeat it again,your dishonesty Chris is helping us thank-you,I’d say keep it up but then again you don’t know any other way!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Puhleeze, people!

    Maybe it’s the unaffiliated in the mix that concerns some of us, Merlin (ha-ha-ha!).
    Yepsen and Co.? I liked that.
    Sounds better than Dittes and Co. Or maybe Dittes and Dat?

    And hey, whoa, step aside there, Merlin.
    Dr. Chris is not dishonest; adamantly frustrated maybe but not dishonest.

    There is ample reason why the mayor might not fair well with the others in the wading pool.
    Imagine all the calls she gets about silly, frivolous things like complaints about the wretched flags on city hall or “Why am I not receiving my STAR exemption?”

    Poor gal.
    Some find it bizarre to associate with colleagues sporting subliminal imagery as “mad again” and “shear-rock, oh!”

    Or, how about “Ma! Tease him!” Tease him again, dang-it!!
    And lastly…
    “Johnny! Be frank for heaven’s sake! Spit it out, boy, stop runnin’ around the bush & get to the point!!”

    So, imagine what must be echoing around inside JoJo’s head and maybe ya’ll understand.
    Right Merlin? (lol)

    Jus’ having a little fun here.


    1. Or maybe the moon is paper….Imagining what’s going round Jo-anne’s brain…no guess right now BUT it could explain her perpetual dizzy look and besides all that horseshoot what’s that got to do with Michele and the ethics board who at this very moment have someone in their crosshairs and it’s not “dizzy miss lizzy”


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