Republican Senator Comes Out For Striking Workers at Momentive

At a press conference on Januray 31st, area legislators spoke in support of the Momentive workers on strike.

There was little surprise that Neil Breslin, a Democratic state senator who represents Albany, spoke.  Nor was it surprising that Democratic Assembly representatives Carrie Woerner (Round Lake) whose district includes Saratoga Springs, and John McDonald (Cohoes) were there. Bravo to them for standing with the Momentive workers.

The big surprise to me, though, was the presence of Kathy Marchione, the Republican Senator whose district includes our own city.   Senator Marchione told those present, “The strike is hurting many of our families in the community, and it is hurting our community at large.  That’s why it is so important that the company return to the negotiating table and bargain in good faith.” Well, good for you Senator Marchione!


One thought on “Republican Senator Comes Out For Striking Workers at Momentive”

  1. Yeah, it only took Sen. Marchione three months to acknowledge a situation that’s just 10 minutes from her own home. I guess it’s a step up from the nine months it took her to take the poisoned water situation in Hoosick Falls seriously (she blew-off early calls for a legislative inquiry). In both instances, it wasn’t until these crises were on the front page of major newspapers in New York City, that she woke up — or at least saw an opportunity for self-promotion (and she’s not the only one). She’s what we used to call a “slow learner.” Any wagers on how long it takes for her to react to the next crisis in her own backyard?

    Assembly member Carrie Woerner was on the Momentive picket line months ago, as well as last Saturday, as were members of the Green Party and Working Families Party. Predictably, Marchione continues to be a follower, not a leader, and note that she’s not on the picket line, just at a press conference calling for management to “bargain in good faith.” Ha!

    Click to read one of many recent stories on the strike in the New York Daily News and another article in Politico.


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