The Apartment of Your Dreams–It Could Be Yours!




Vincent and Patty Riggi (not to be confused with Ron and Michele who own the starter castle on North Broadway) are selling their penthouse condo overlooking the city park for $5,499,700.00.  I wonder where the $700.00 amount came from but maybe it is a negotiating ploy.

The apartments/condos complex is officially located on Park Place but it is actually on Broadway on the Southern end of our city park.  A roomy 6,700 square feet, it includes four bedrooms, two kitchens, hardwood and marble floors,  and two laundry rooms.  The master bedroom has a fireplace, “morning kitchen” (who can keep up with the trends of the uber rich), walk in closet,  an en suite bathroom (a more refined way of referencing a private bathroom), and a sitting area.  Of course it has its own, exclusive elevator (a precaution for terrorists or mixing with the help),  its own parking garage, its own generator and storage area.

 It has a multi level terrace that surrounds the apartment allowing for a 360 degree view of the city and of course the park.  The penthouse is two stories. 

For a virtual tour click here


9 thoughts on “The Apartment of Your Dreams–It Could Be Yours!”

  1. How can they sell this apartment when part of it is still on Park Property? The title should be clouded and not marketable. DPW made a big deal about the parking and the generator being inside Congress Park. That is still the way it is.


  2. I would make an offer, but the sun doesn’t come into the breakfast room at the proper time.
    If it had a second breakfast room… might be perfect. Too bad.


  3. No ocean, and you can’t see Alaska either.
    But the ducks in the pond are cute. That alone must account for at least a million.


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