D’Andrea Wine And Liquor Plot Sold




Aerial View




Street View

David Mohr has purchased the lot where D’Andrea’s Wine and Liquor was located at the corner of West Avenue and Washington Street for $1,500,000.00 from Faust D’Andrea (brother of our past Assemblyman, Bobby). Mohr is the son of the late William Mohr who owned the Mobil Station across the street.  This is according to the Albany Business Review.

They also noted that the apartment complex at 2 West Avenue built by Bonacio Construction is getting $2,000.00 a month for rent.

I am happy for Faust. I expect that when he purchased the property decades ago he had no idea that it would accrue in value so much.  Have fun, Faust!

4 thoughts on “D’Andrea Wine And Liquor Plot Sold”

  1. JK, thanks for the Real Estate news. A good mix for your blog. Sometimes the subject of politics gets boring and confusing.
    Dating myself, but does anyone remember the imbroglio over the decorative signage on the D’Andrea building? An artist was hired to paint designs with wine-related words on the outside wall of the building. When the “work of art” was completed, I think it was the city that objected to it. Apparently, the city considered it signage, and not art.
    As we all know, the artwork has remained for decades. The building has been in obvious disrepair, but it’s in a desirable location, and now we know, thanks to JK, it’s a million dollar deal. Congrats to the buyer and the seller.
    Looking forward to whatever is planned for the location. Let’s hope it’s something that will beautify, and still be a profitable investment.


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