Beyonce and Jay Zee: Saratoga Springs Bound?

Ok.  For those of you who think that all I ever think about is parochial politics, take this!

Beyonce and Jay Zee are moving to Saratoga Springs  [I have no idea if this is a legitimate web site}:

 Hey, I know a nice little condo that would be perfect for them.



6 thoughts on “Beyonce and Jay Zee: Saratoga Springs Bound?”

  1. Johnny, you might give a tip of the hat to ol Joey who brought you this tip. Listen , if you want to know what’s happening in the gutters and back allies of the city of dreams ….I’m your source. Stay safe, Joey


  2. I would buy the barn, if it were still a barn, but unfortunately it is not a barn anymore.
    Q: When is a barn not a barn?
    A: When the building inspector says so.
    Is it for sale? Can it be sold?


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