Eddy Miller, Chairman of the Saratoga County Independence Party, Speaks Out On Candidates

To The Editor,

Glance into the mirror! Have you ever missed the opportunity to stand up to a bully? A bully that’s pushing around a friend that has shielded, fought and protected you?

Right now, Commissioner Mathiesen is receiving a brow beating trying to maintain our status and integrity as one of the prime destination stops in the world. Fast food chains,strip mall’s,tire shops… etc, positioned along our Greenbelt at Exit 14 will not enhance “Our City in the Country”.  Development at the Gateway to our City will only diminish our values and detract from the entire county. It gets worse: this will effect the precious originally of our great Saratoga Racetrack. Millions of visitors may not except ordinary!

Wealthy developers have tried all types of games to confuse and trick our City Council members and fool the Citizens of Saratoga Springs. They recently formed a PAC slinging mud and propaganda at three of our strongest Council members. Commissioner’s Madigan, Scirocco and Mathiesen are at odds with these selfish special interests groups.

I just gazed into the mirror and realized that I have nothing to prove to anyone except to myself, my family and my neighbors in Saratoga Springs.
Vote for Chris Mathiesen, Michele Madigan and Skip Scirocco on November 3rd, I am!

Eddy Miller
Saratoga County Chairman, Independence Party
Saratoga Springs


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