Ivins Joins The Pack Fleeing The PAC

Following my posting of the statements by Democratic candidates regarding Saratoga PAC, I received this release from Ken Ivins who is running against Michele Madigan for Commissioner of Finance.

My position on the Saratoga PAC endorsing Michele Madigan

First off I did not seek or interview for the endorsement of the Saratoga PAC and would have refused it if they had offered.

I heard that the Saratoga PAC has endorsed my opponent Michele Madigan. Considering my opponent has received many donations from the PAC’s members, it didn’t surprise me at all that they chose to endorse her. She has been, after all, in lock step with the City Center’s agenda of pushing through their single-use parking garage to be built of (sic) the public’s property. And, not to mention, she has also been working with the Saratoga National Golf Course’s attorney, as well as, authorizing our city attorney to work on their behalf, to help create an application the city could adopt. The Saratoga PAC supports both of these projects so in turn it makes sense that they support Michele Madigan.

My vote is not for sale and I prefer the voters’ endorsement on Nov. 3rd.

In her press release Commissioner Madigan stated:

.While I appreciate that the Saratoga PAC’s, … recent endorsement of me as a candidate for Finance Commissioner indicates that this group believes I have the leadership and management qualities worthy of the public’s trust,(my emphasis added) I want to confirm that I have not sought the group’s endorsement nor will I request the IECs financial support.”

It is very clear that Saratoga PAC’s endorsements are based on land use issues such as Saratoga National Golf Course’s resort proposal and the City Center’s garage.  In that context Ms. Madigan’s suggestion that she was endorsed because of her management skills rather than her support for these two development issues seems a bit disingenuous.

Having said that, Ken Ivins made clear to me that he supports Saratoga National Golf Course’s campaign to build a resort (I would argue it is already a resort but they want to make it much bigger).  So for him to criticize her on that issue seems a bit hypocritical.

2 thoughts on “Ivins Joins The Pack Fleeing The PAC”

  1. Isn’t EVERYTHING Ken Ivin’s says hypocritical? Or better still, a flat out lie?

    And please note: this fool who was so bad in in his first (and last) term as finance commissioner could not even get a 2nd to be nominated by his own party. Nor can he garner donations. Or press for his ‘press conferences (well, unless you are a part of the McTygue faction that likes to sue the city and cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in the hopes you might be elected anyway).

    BTW – It’s so nice to see the McTygue fashion support people who failed miserably as city officials (meaning Rick Wirth, Ken Ivins and yes, even Bill McTygue himself) because they are good democrats. NOT.

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  2. Not only that Dave, but as the paper work that you’ve seen suggests, it was quite a give away to bonaccio on those water connections (hundreds of thousands of dollars), dump property (1 million dollar cleanup) and congress park property (no easement), issues. no wonder McTygue met with them for the endorsement and got it…

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