John Safford Snubs Question On Climate Change; Campaign Based on Transparency Clouds Over

I recently went through the Sustainable Saratoga candidate questionnaire and I was struck by John Sanford’s responses.  Here is an example:

Question #2: What, if anything, would you propose to do locally to confront climate change?

I manage a lot of properties in Saratoga and the last few years have been more than normally cold and snowy. When you ask this question I am inclined to answer that I confront whatever I am personally challenged with.

I thought this was a rather odd response and I heard from a source that has been reliable in the past that Mr. Safford does not believe that global warming is an issue.

As people who follow this blog may have noted, Mr. Safford has not been shy about posting here.  He also has run his campaign almost entirely on the theme of transparency.  There is a certain irony because that was pretty much what Joanne Yepsen ran on two years ago.  So I emailed him asking his position on global warming.  When I did not hear from him, I emailed him again and as of today, he has still not responded.

It appears that I may have found a rather opaque spot in his campaign.  From where I am sitting I cannot make out what his position is.

2 thoughts on “John Safford Snubs Question On Climate Change; Campaign Based on Transparency Clouds Over”

  1. I have to admit that I have been rather busy lately John but I don’t remember seeing your question on Global Warming before this post.
    My problem with being questioned about Global Warming is when asked that question I get a sort of deer in the headlight look that is similar to when I am asked if I believe in Hell.
    The reason is that, like the belief in Hell is based on the philosophy of the Bible (and some pagan religions) the philosophy of Global Warming is based on the Tragedy of the Commons, which is an article written by Garrett Hardin, an ecologist, in 1968.
    The question for me is not whether the earth is getting warmer by why. According to the followers of Hardin human greed is the cause. The question then becomes what to do about it and this is where the Bible and the Doctrine of Global Warming separate. The Bible advocates for self-discipline and calls on the better angels of our nature to solve it , while the Doctrine of the Commons advocates for Government regulation of the “sinners” (basically those greedy bastards who take more than their fair share).
    The problem is that the Doctrine of the Commons has not proved out scientifically because unmitigated greed seems not to be the overriding nature of humankind but is mysteriously mitigated by strange unscientific observations of such things as the Good, the True and the Beautiful.


  2. Climate change, AKA global warming, is NOT a philosophy but a scientific fact. Essentially Mr. Safford is saying he rejects scientific fact. Dangerous, destructive thinking, which does not align with the Christian obligation to act as steward’s of the earth, God’s creation.


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