Saratoga National Thinks Big

For some of you with good memories you will remember that last year Saratoga National Golf Course (SNGC)began its latest campaign to expand their operation with a dog and pony show at the Hall of Springs in the state park. At their presentation this was one of their handouts.

Saratoga National Handout

SNGC was thinking BIG so the document was titled “Estimates of Economic Impact of Proposed Resort Zone.” Take careful note here. It is referred to as a resort zone. This is because the idea was to open the greenbelt up to not only their resort but to other resorts as well. Here is where the columns that reference “Other” come in. As I understand it, these other resorts in this zone would potentially include the Andersons property.

The story of the Andersons and their campaign to develop a huge plot of land east of the Northway that runs from Route 29 (Lake Avenue) to Route 9P (Union Avenue) is a long and bloody one. The City Council rejected their huge plan to develop that property by one vote many years ago. They proceeded to sue the city on the ludicrous basis that the city was using zoning to keep minorities and low income housing out. I do not have time to go into the full story here.

So the vision SNGC put forward in this document was to bring a total of 420,000 guests a year to the conservation district and  have  900 employees regularly commuting to jobs there. Remember our conservation district is supposed to be a low intensity use area.

The  document also states that Saratoga National Golf Course alone hopes just their own project will increase from the current189,744 per year (my, that is a precise number) to 300,000 guests a year. They also expect to increase their staff from 451 to 650.

I am always skeptical of numbers put out in these campaigns but for better or worse, this was their public statement a year ago.

I think it is particularly interesting that the revision the City Council is now considering changes the Comprehensive Plan to allow for a new category of development labeled “resorts.”  Of course this was precisely the vision SNGC offered in the first place.

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