Saratoga PAC Goes Into Action

In this week’s Saratoga Today, Bob Manz who heads the Saratoga PAC wrote a letter in which he praised Rick Wirth and Sarah Burger for meeting with them seeking their endorsement for Public Safety Commissioner.  He castigated Chris Mathiesen for declining to meet with them.

Some of you will remember that in an earlier blog I asked all three  Public Safety Commissioner candidates if they would seek the endorsement and support of the PAC.  As thoroughly documented in my blogs, the PAC is comprised primarily of companies related to construction and real estate and was formed  in opposition to provisions in the city’s new Comprehensive Plan that continues to protect the greenbelt from development such as proposed by Saratoga National Golf Course.  Mr. Manz heads D.A. Collins which is probably the largest construction company in the area.

When I asked Sarah Burger and Rick Wirth whether they would seek or accept an endorsement and money from the PAC they offered “transparently evasive (hard to put those two words together)” answers.  This is covered in my July 27 post titled “To Candidates For Public Safety: Will You Feed From Saratoga PAC’s Money Trough.”  In contrast, Chris Mathiesen made clear that he was not interested in legitimizing them by seeking their support.

5 thoughts on “Saratoga PAC Goes Into Action”

  1. Sarah Burger was on my block this Thursday and told my husband and myself that “The minute I heard that this PAC had formed I called my life-long friend Mr. Deeks (sp?) and told him what a terrible idea it was!” She also told me she has no intention of taking any more money from the individuals in the PAC. Are you sure she wanted the endorsement? Forgive my misspelling of the above name. I am not familiar with the individual.

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    1. The person she was referring to was Gary Dake who is the son of the founder of Stewarts Convenience Stores and I believe its CEO. He was one of the founders of the PAC and one of its most generous supporters. Ms. Burger attended their kick off fundraiser. If you go back to my July 27 blog, you will see that she would not give me a direct answer when I asked her whether she would accept an endorsement or money from the PAC.
      My blog referenced a letter that appeared in this week’s Saratoga Today from Bob Manz in which he praised her for meeting with representatives of the PAC along with the Republican candidate for Public Safety Commissioner, Rick Wirth. To be fair, he never wrote anything about an endorsement. He did however urge the city’s citizens to vote for either Burger or Wirth rather than Chris Mathiesen. I would say that that represented something one could legitimately call an endorsement. Given Mathiesen’s steadfast opposition to incursions into the greenbelt, it is assumed that he is one of the prime motivators and targets for their PAC.


      1. I find it disingenuous that Ms.Burger would support this PAC publicly and speak against it when confronted by unexpected questions. It would appear that with interest and questions arising, it would be to her advantage to go on the record regarding her true affiliation with the PAC. She runs a risk of this issue impacting her campaign if the SCRAP contingent can create enough awareness.


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