Recently Retired Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chair Todd Kerner Pushes Back on Pat Tuz Plan to Fill the Vacancy

Road Block

It didn’t take long after Todd Kerner resigned the position he had held for over a decade as Saratoga County Democratic Chair for Saratoga Springs Democratic Chair Pat Tuz to spring into action promoting Joanne Yepsen to fill that position as the email below from Tuz shows. Apparently Tuz and Yepsen were either ignorant of or didn’t care that the County Committee’s by-laws had a process in place to fill the vacancy which they seemed to be ignoring. According to the County’s by-laws the chair’s position automatically is filled by the first or second vice-chair.

Below is Tuz’s email and Kerner’s response which a friend shared with me.

From: “Todd M. Kerner, Esq.”
Date: June 20, 2022 at 11:16:09 AM EDT
To: Todd Kerner <
Subject: County Chair Position


See below an email someone forwarded to me.  

Pat – There have not been confirmations that the first and second vice-chairs will not assume the chair position?  If not, this email is very disrespectful.  I also am using the current executive committee list as you are using an old one.  If neither assumes the role, this must be filled by a regular meeting noticed to every committee person with a quorum present.  I remain a committee person and will expect the rules be followed as I did for 11 years.  

Please see the bylaws on county committee website for specifics.  


This is an email sent out by Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee Chair

One thought on “Recently Retired Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chair Todd Kerner Pushes Back on Pat Tuz Plan to Fill the Vacancy”

  1. Oh, dear. Why does this not surprise me? it is so indicative of the current thinking of the Dem committee at this time. No attention to process or ethics. Let’s not forget that Ms. Yepsen is the one former Mayor found unethical by her own Ethics Committee (twice) and sanctioned by her Commission. It appears a lesson has not been learned.

    This only saddens me as Democrats around the country need to be so much better to address the current crisis.

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