An Invitation For Meg Kelly?

Sometime in the next two weeks, there will be a groundbreaking for the new eastside Fire and Emergency Medical Services station. This has been a long time coming. With the construction of water and sewer lines on the eastern plateau decades ago, there was an explosion of development in that area of the city. There were, however, longer response times for emergency services to get there from the city’s two existing fire stations.

When Chris Mathiessen became Commissioner of Public Safety, he made a valiant effort to secure land for an eastside station to serve this fast-developing area of the city. A deal he made with a local synagogue and Joel Aronson, who owns the Algonquin Building, for a land swap involving a plot east of the Northway collapsed when the Attorney General rejected the agreement.

It was Mayor Meg Kelly who entered into the negotiations with the New York Racing Association that finally secured the land required for the station at no cost to the city. Kelly deserves enormous praise for finally acquiring a site for the project for the city.

It now remains to be seen whether the current city administration will have the courtesy to recognize her work by inviting Ms. Kelly to the groundbreaking ceremony. I hope they do.

9 thoughts on “An Invitation For Meg Kelly?”

  1. I hope so too. Hennaing Road is an excellent location for the third fire/EMS station since they will be serving both the eastern plateau and helping with calls emanating from the core of the City. Mayor Kelly was able to secure an agreement with NYRA for use of their land upon which to build the station which is a true win-win for both the track and the City. So smart!

    Chris Mathiesen

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  2. Meg should def cut the ribbon. Thank you Meg for your service, and perseverence, in following up with this long awaited fire station. Make no mistake though, more personnel will be hired, and it will cost taxpayers more for benfits and salaries.


    1. Regarding Henry37’s comment about increased costs due to hiring or personnel, benefits and salaries associated with the third fire/EMS station, it should be noted that there are ways of going from two engine crews to three and more frequent use of two ambulances that will require minimal increase in personnel and provide greater revenue. Many fire/EMS departments across New York State use such approaches to personnel levels while continuing to maintain safe levels of staffing. Tweaking fees charged for service and special events can also help to cover increased costs.

      Because Saratoga Springs is geographically a large City and because there are increased numbers of calls into our dispatch system requiring a fire/EMS response, expansion of services is necessary. All Saratogians and visitors deserve reasonable response times and availability of fire/EMS service. Station #3 is a vital part of achieving that goal.

      Chris Mathiesen

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      1. That would be wonderful, Mr Mathieson, but with due respect for your past experience, the IAFF Union will prevail with their rock-solid contract which mandates minimum staffing requirements of three firefighters at satellite stations. Taxpayers should also brace themselves for their demands for new fire trucks at station no. 3. There is no way that the Union will settle for less than the maximum.


  3. AGREED…inviting Mayor Meg Kelly to be front and center at the groundbreaking of the 3rd EMS station would be a very classy and well-deserved gesture in acknowledgement of her work to make it happen!!

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  4. This has been an ongoing project for over 20 years. It only seems fair that almost all living council members past and present be invited. It’s not just the land that goes into building this new fire station. As an east-sider who has participated in many meetings for the third station, I’ve met with many helpful council members over the years who kept the project going and alive. I did meet with one Mayor long ago who was not supportive.

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  5. How about we make this a community event for the countless individuals who have tirelessly advocated for this third station for years & years, many of whom have also gone without timely emergency services while doing so. If there’s anyone cutting ribbons, my vote goes to the residents of the eastern plateau… or at the very least, let’s leave the politicians, chamber, etc, out of it. Credit where credit is due, but this symbolizes so much more than any one person’s actions.

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