Saratoga Hospital Launches Podcast With Moving Stories About Life In Their Community

I received a release from Saratoga Hospital promoting a podcast they have launched. These podcasts are literally the voices of the people of Saratoga Hospital. They are articulate and thoughtful. I highly recommend these recordings.

Voices of Saratoga Hospital Podcast

Our community has so many stories to tell.

We’re excited to share with you our new podcast series: Voices of Saratoga Hospital. It is a series of stories, a collection of shared moments and insights to help us all understand a little bit more about health—and care—close to home.

Our first four stories:

  • Being a Nurse During COVID
  • A Story About Addiction and Hope and Recovery
  • Palliative Care, in the Hospital and at Home
  • A Sister and a Brother Walk into the Operating Room: A Story of Two Surgeons

These stories shine a light on the extraordinary work we do every single day at Saratoga Hospital.

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