Meet the Blogger as He Joins His Friends at New “Talking Saratoga” Podcast!

I was invited to join Dan De Federicis, Robin Dalton, and Adam Israel as a guest on their recently launched podcast “Talking Saratoga.” A great experience with laughs and yuckin’ it up and substantive talk on what’s going on in the city!

In addition to my segment on Mayor Kim’s most recent follies, they discuss the controversy over safety at the Caroline Street Elementary School, the Whistler Court neighbors’ complaint about John Witt’s plan for expanding his project out there in light of the logistical problems of access to the development, Adam Israel’s planned trip to Poland to support the Ukrainians, and Commissioner Montagnino’s unfortunate gaffs over rap music and more.

Take a look:

4 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger as He Joins His Friends at New “Talking Saratoga” Podcast!”

  1. Well done, JK!
    My only disappointment was that they didn’t bring you back for the cheers & jeers segment. That would be epic, indeed.

    (They must be saving that maneuver for ratings sweeps…)
    Kudos to you and the hosts for an entertaining time!

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