Greenbelt Faces Threat Spearheaded By Commissioner Madigan

Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan is on a campaign to open the greenbelt to intensive development.

Commissioner Madigan would like the City Council to amend the Unified Development Ordinance definition of a “clubhouse” to not only allow for a huge expansion of Saratoga National Golf Course but also potentially other clubhouses should a developer be able to construct a golf course.

There will be a public hearing at City Hall on December 9 at 7:00 PM to consider her proposal.

Here is the language of the proposed change:

Sustainable Saratoga has an informative analysis of the threat this poses.

Earlier this year Commissioner Madigan asked the city’s Planning Board to review expanding the definition of a “clubhouse” as reflected in the green and white text above. The Planning Board issued an advisory opinion that such a definition “presents a significant risk to preserving the rural character in the “country” part of the city.”

Sustainable Saratoga noted:

The Comprehensive Plan states: “Discourage destination type resorts that compete with the downtown core.” (page 48). Retail establishments, spas, restaurants and banquet facilities, 80 lodging rooms, and 6 rental golf cottages is a pretty close definition of a “destination resort” that would compete with our downtown.

Sustainable Saratoga

Sustainable Saratoga urges people to attend the hearing and speak in opposition. If due to COVID people are unwilling to attend they are encouraged to email the members of the Council.

Please copy Sustainable Saratoga on the email (

2 thoughts on “Greenbelt Faces Threat Spearheaded By Commissioner Madigan”

  1. I oppose another large scale development such as the one being suggested by national. If for no other reason than the traffic pattern at their exit combined with the horror intersection at Gilbert, 9P and Meadowbrook is a nightmare as we all know. I intend to go to the meeting in December.

    Liz Hall


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