Scott Presler Appearance at Saratoga-Wilton Elks Canceled

After right wing extremist Scott Presler’s appearance sponsored by the Saratoga County GOP and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R) was canceled, the Upstate Conservative Coalition rescheduled him to appear at the end of the month at the Saratoga-Wilton Elks Club. Now that appearance has also been canceled.

According to Lucas Willard ‘s report on WAMC the Elks Club issued a press release that said in part:

“Without going into specific criticisms of Mr. Presler and certain controversial beliefs espoused by him, the Saratoga-Wilton Elks hold that such beliefs advocated by Mr. Presler are contrary to one or more of the cardinal principles of our Order. Our Lodge has therefore respectfully communicated to the Upstate Conservative Coalition that Scott Presler is not welcome on our premises.”

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