Saratoga County Republican Party Goes All In On Alt Right Conspiracy Myths

By supporting a “get out the vote rally” in Wilton featuring Scott Presler the Saratoga County Republicans have embraced the far right conspiracy theorists. Presler has a long history of involvement in extremist activities including the January 6 assault on the US Capitol. This is a link to a story about Mr. Presler. The rally was supposed to feature a joint appearance of Presler with Rep. Elise Stefanik. While Stefanik is sponsoring and promoting the rally and has heaped praise on Presler, she apparently now will not actually attend the event on Wednesday.

Make no mistake, Mr. Presler is the real thing in the “stop the steal” universe.

I was made aware of the event and of Scott Presler when I received a release from mayoral candidate, Robin Dalton.

I subsequently emailed the Republican endorsed candidates for Saratoga Springs City Council along with the city Republican chairman Chris Obstarczyk.

Neither Chairman Obstarczyk nor any of the Republican endorsed candidates for city offices are planning to attend the event. I have included their responses to my query below.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 20th, 2021

‘This is not Patriotism’ – Dalton Condemns Actions of Saratoga County GOP

(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY) The Saratoga County Republican Committee has announced they are hosting a ‘Rally & Voter Registration Drive’ next week in Saratoga featuring ‘American Patriot’ Scott Presler.

Scott Presler is NOT an American patriot.

Scott Presler is an extremist political activist who promotes the most insidious forms of hatred and bigotry. He has collaborated with neo-nazis, supports eradicating Muslims as a people and denigrates our democracy by continuing to rally and promote ‘Stop the Steal’ events. He denies COVID and supports Qanon conspiracy theories.

Is this how the Saratoga County GOP defines patriotism?

“In the strongest possible terms, I reject the hatred being invited into our community. Scott Presler’s alt-right facism is not welcome here, not today, not tomorrow, not in our city, not in our America” said Dalton, calling on all Saratoga Springs political candidates to reject this event and affirm that hate has no place in our home.

Commissioner Robin Dalton

Heidi Owen West

Um, no . . . I didn’t even know about the event until Ron Kim tagged me in his post. I am out of town on a combined vacation/ work trip until Travers the 28th when I’ll need to be working at the shop. 

JoAnne Kiernan

Hi John

I will not be attending the event


JoAnne Kiernan 

Samantha Guerra

No, I will not be attending the event with Scott Presler. I have never even heard of him until seeing all the bashing posts on social media. 

Samantha Guerra 

Tracey LaBelle

Hi John,

I will not be attending this event. Please let me if you have any other questions.

Happy Saturday,


Skip Scirocco

Definitely not.

Chris Obstarczyk

Good morning John. I do not plan on attending

5 thoughts on “Saratoga County Republican Party Goes All In On Alt Right Conspiracy Myths”

  1. While I am only slightly encouraged that those above do not plan to attend it is equally as disappointing that none other than Commissioner Dalton has come right out in opposition to the event and to Presler. For Ms. Guerra to use the term bashing for what has been for the most part a sharing of some very important and very concerning information regarding Mf. Presler. If she mean basing the County Republican Party for even hosting this event – well, seems like they deserve that “bashing”

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  2. My favorite part of all this is that Lapdog Elise won’t even be in attendance.

    Kind of a low-budget remake of the now infamous line: “Walk down to the Capitol; I’ll be there with you.”

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  3. The only one who really appears to make a clear statement is Skip -‘Definitely not’
    The others say ‘no – not going’, which is different.
    I guess they have to be careful, some of Presler’s followers are registered voters.
    It will be a sad day if they win.


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