Even More Disarray and Discord Among City Dems

Some Democrats are now organizing to put their candidates on an additional independent line, but two of their endorsed candidates are not included.

A new group that calls itself Resilient Saratoga has launched a website and a petition drive to get five of the seven Democratic endorsed candidates on an additional independent ballot line. Missing from the petition are Democratic endorsed Supervisor candidate Tara Gaston and Public Works candidate Domenique Yermolayev.

The Resilient Saratoga site was designed by Progressive Elections, LLC, which describes itself as “a new pro-choice, pro-LGBT consulting firm…”. One of the founders of this firm is Libby Post. Readers will recall that Ms. Post was hired to promote last year’s charter change proposal which failed and also was hired by Patty Morrison when she ran for Finance Commissioner. Ms. Morrison lost that race.

The city Democratic Committee has yet to put out an official announcement of their slate of candidates for the upcoming city elections.

2 thoughts on “Even More Disarray and Discord Among City Dems”

  1. Only in Saratoga Springs could the Democrats make the GOP look like the really have it together. I am so tired of being embarrassed by my local political party, what is wrong with that committee? They all need to go, along with their toxic candidates – how do you continually blow it in a town that is so blue? Mind boggling, and yet here we go again…sigh.


  2. Their logo looks like it was made for an erectile dysfunction medication.

    Also, the footer reads: “Another site by Progressive Elections, LLC.” – I Googling that company. Could we get the candidates to comment whether they align with all views of this company (available on the About page of their website)? Thank you.


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