MLK Saratoga Launches Treasure Hunt Adventure to Explore History of Saratoga’s People of Color

MLK Saratoga launches Treasure Hunt.

MLK Saratoga is inviting the community to celebrate their new project, a Treasure Hunt designed to explore the history of People of Color in Saratoga Springs. Their kick off will be a gathering in Congress Park.

  • Saturday, April 24, 2021
  • 3:00 PM  4:00 PM
  • Meet at Spirit of Life in Congress Park

MLK Saratoga has launched a new adventure project which begins to uncover and explore Saratoga Springs’ history of our People of Color … real stories with real impact on who we all are today! So, why a Treasure Hunt? Because we have so much to learn and appreciate about the many hidden “treasures” — right here — that history has ignored, forgotten, or simply white-washed.

You can jump into the Treasure Hunt now by visiting our webpage. ( Download the 2-page map with clues and off you go! Be sure to check back on the website for the answers and to access the “deeper-dive information” PDFs on each of the 10 Saratoga “Treasures.”

Let us know when you have completed all 10 discoveries … we’ll send you a special certificate!

Gotta special Treasure story you think should be added to our future maps?

Email us:

from MLK Website

MLK Saratoga Agrees To Further Dialogue Over Safe Protests

After not hearing from MLK Saratoga regarding issues of safety in social justice demonstrations, I did a follow-up email. They have written back that they plan on issuing a response.

My email to them:

From: john.kaufmannSat, Apr 17, 9:37 PM (5 days ago)
to MLKsaratoga

This is a follow-up to our dialogue begun in recent postings on

The issue of the safety of demonstrators, the public, and the police is of primary concern to me. In the interest of fostering a dialog which I hope can lead us to a more thoughtful consideration of protocols for such events I am asking again that you respond to the following questions posed in my last blog on this subject.

Does MLK Saratoga think that the March 28, 2021, demonstration should have been coordinated with the police?

In light of the fact that the demonstration took over the streets of Saratoga Springs without a permit or coordination with the police, it was an act of civil disobedience. Does MLK Saratoga think that training for the event was needed?

What role, if any, does MLK Saratoga have in minimizing the risk to demonstrators in actions that involve parades and sit down actions in intersections?

Should they be talking to the leadership of demonstrations such as the March 28 action to determine if proper preparation for safety has been planned for?

Thank you in advance for responding.

Their response:

Hello Mr. Kaufmann.

Our apologies for the delay in acknowledging your last post and email.  Our emails typically include our organization signature. In completing the online email form, I forgot that would not be included.

The email post was submitted by me but was from the three chairs.  We will send a fuller response when time permits.

We will be gathering tonight at 6 pm in Congress Park to come together as a CommUNITY in peace and solidarity.


Hollyday Hammond

Lezlie Dana

Hollyday Hammond

Garland Nelson

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