Revisiting The Darryl Mount Story [Link Fixed]

In 2018, prompted by an article written by Barbara Lombardo for the Times Union about the Darryl Mount incident, I reviewed the discovery documents amassed by the attorneys for the Mount family. They revealed a breakdown of oversight by the city’s Department of Public Safety in general, and the city’s Chief of Police, Greg Veitch in particular.

Chief Veitch’s unfortunate email of September 2, 2013, compromised the integrity of the investigation and contributed to the calls for a proper investigation.

Chris Mathiesen was the Commissioner of Public Safety at the time. I consider Chris Mathiesen to be a friend and a person of great integrity. Nevertheless, he and I profoundly disagree about the handling of the “investigation.” The link to my story includes an email exchange between the two of us which I think reveals just how problematic the investigation was.

It may never be known how Darryl Mount was fatally injured. The tragedy is that the opportunity to properly investigate his death was squandered leaving a festering wound in our city.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting The Darryl Mount Story [Link Fixed]”

  1. Taken within the proper context of the events as they unfolded, Chief Veitch’s E mail of Sept. 3, 2013 was neither unfortunate nor did it compromise the integrity of the investigation.

    Chris Mathiesen


  2. [JK: I asked Mr. Chevalier to provide documentation regarding both the photo and the handcuffing. He promptly produced his sources. I would note that in the photo Mount is not handcuffed and the TU story reported that he was briefly handcuffed]

    Given that Darryl Mount’s injuries don’t match those from a fall, and that a photo of the scene shows a police officer kneeling over Mount with his extendible metal baton in extended position on his belt as if it had been used (Mount’s injuries were reportedly limited to just one side of his face/head), it seems blatantly obvious how those fatal injuries were inflicted. And reportedly police admitted that they handcuffed Mount – would they handcuff the unconscious victim of a 20 foot fall, risking a lawsuit for causing further injuries?

    But what is the latest news of the lawsuit over Mount’s death? It just seems to go on and on with no end in sight, which probably suits Saratoga’s legal strategy just fine. Justice delayed is justice denied, yet everything about this case screams that there’s no justice at all.


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