Petition To Remove Saratoga County Administrator Spencer Hellwig and Others

The libertarian Party sent out the press release below:

                                                            For Immediate Release

Libertarians Launch Petition Calling for County Supervisors to Terminate County Administrator Spencer Hellwig and Co Conspirators.

Libertarian Party of Saratoga County seeks to deliver 1000 signatures by Oct 1st.

Ballston Spa— For Immediate Release Today, the Libertarian Party of Saratoga County announced that is has launched a petition calling on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors to terminate County Administrator Spencer Hellwig, Director of Human Resources Marcy McNamara and County Attorney Stephen Dorsey.  The political party hopes to deliver 1000 signatures from county residents to the board by October 1st.

“Residents around the county are outraged by the blatant corruption and coverup stemming from the pay raise scandal by Saratoga County Leaders;” said Rob Arrigo Chairman of the Saratoga County Libertarian Party.  “A mess this big cannot be swept under the rug.  The Board of Supervisors must act to restore faith in our county government,” said Arrigo.

An external investigation into the County’s decision to hand out 50% pay raises to essential employees, management staff and elected officials, revealed that County Administrator Hellwig, HR Director McNamara and County Attorney Dorsey lied to the Board of Supervisors, unlawfully raised pay, potentially opened the county up for legal liability and worked to cover up their misdeeds.

The petition, titled “Hold Them Accountable,” can be found on their website:

5 thoughts on “Petition To Remove Saratoga County Administrator Spencer Hellwig and Others”

  1. Why not address the real cause and root of the problem? One party control of the board of supervisors. For years most supervisors sat in Ballston Spa in a good ole boys club and took care of themselves, their family and friends. If you really want to end this find people of any party who are open, transparent and accountable to their constituents. Glad to see people on both sides now recognizing the need for change. But we need people on both sides of isle to run for Supervisor positions who put constituents first. A petition won’t bring long term and the structural changes needed. Having new supervisors who are accountable will.


    1. Why don’t you address that problem?

      Explain to Democrat’s in Saratoga county why most all these supervisors go unchallenged at election time?

      In the age of Trump you are telling me that you can’t find a candidate in Stillwater? Waterford?

      The lack of competition is solely within your control.


      1. As you know finding candidates to run for local office has become harder and harder. People do not want to run for office and be subject to the social media hatred and exposing their families to this. So finding qualified candidates is not as easy as you make it. Who wants to run and be subject to the type of maliciousness that went on in Saratoga Springs in 2019? Other towns, are similar to that.

        We are always looking for candidates. If you know of people that are qualified and interested, let us know. They can reach me at:

        It would be great to see more qualified candidates of any party running for office.

        Todd M. Kerner, Chair
        Saratoga County Democratic Committee


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