Unflattering Story in New York Post on Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner and Todd Garofano, Past Head of Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau

You know how every politician promises to cut unnecessary regulations to make things simpler and cheaper? Well, here’s a story of a politician who wants to do the opposite. According to the New York Post (not my newspaper of choice), there is a campaign on to require that the people who wash hair in salons get certification at an onerous cost.

Our own Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner is a co-sponsor of the bill that would institute this regulation . The bill is being promoted by the salon trainer industry which would greatly benefit from those who wash hair having to attend their schools to get certification.

Todd Garafano served as president of the Saratoga Convention and Tourism Board (rebranded as Discover Saratoga) before becoming the executive director of the Salon & Spa Professionals of NYS, a nonprofit representing cosmetology schools that would benefit from this new law. Garafano’s wife, Hollene, previously served as a director of the organization.

Significantly, Todd Garafano’s son, Chris Garafano, is Assemblywoman Woerner’s legislative director.

4 thoughts on “Unflattering Story in New York Post on Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner and Todd Garofano, Past Head of Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau”

  1. I know Carrie, I’m a Republican, and I overall think she’s doing a good job. But she posted about this on FB a few days ago, and when I asked for a clarification, she never responded.
    Indeed, even the Gazette in their Editorial today (sun. 08/16) was not for this Bill.


  2. 500 hours to lather, rinse, – repeat? Curveball – Conditioner too.
    $13K tuition for a job that pays what?
    Has there been an malpractice lawsuits on a unlicensed Shampoo assistant…
    I see a crying need for this action to safe guard the public… soap in the eyes – oh, the humanity!
    Carrie makes us so proud tackling this crisis…

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  3. Carrie Woerner has been worse than useless in her role. She has ignored calls to provide protections to those in nursing homes, and spends her time meeting with narrow special interests. Certification for washing hair? We just had a mass death event in nursing homes during the pandemic and the New York State Assembly is working on making the salon market into a cartel for staffer’s family members?


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