Remigia Foy Has Died

Remigia Foy, Saratoga Springs native and three term Commissioner of Finance, died on June 30th after a long battle with cancer.

Remigia was unique and, without doubt, one of the most colorful players in Saratoga Springs politics I have known during the years I have lived here.

A woman of strong convictions she was a political independent. If she thought something was wrong she was fearless in her response. It didn’t make any difference how important the person might think they were. She never raised her voice but could drive home her points with a withering tongue powered by a sharp wit and keen intelligence.

Remigia served three terms as the city’s Commissioner of Finance and was a fierce defender of the commission form of government.

I am sorry that recent arrivals to our city did not get to know Remigia, but health issues limited her public activities in recent years.

Remigia was such a fighter and so spirited it is hard for me to believe that even cancer could defeat her.

Jane and I send our deepest condolences to her long term companion James Brophy.

Here is a link to her obituary.

6 thoughts on “Remigia Foy Has Died”

  1. A great Lady… One who took the time to impart to this (then) newbie covering City Government, all the nuances that make Saratoga Springs unique.

    It would be a fitting tribute to Remigia if we once again, and for all time. renounce the latest attempt by Charter Change addicts who want to blame the pandemic, racial strife, and a lightning bolt hitting City Hall on our commission form of government.

    RIP Remigia.

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  2. A quick wit. An enchanting smile. Outspoken, but with intelligence that was far above most of the receivers of her wrath. You had better listen when she spoke. RIP Remigia. One of a kind. She will be missed.

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  3. A force to be reckoned with, a worthy opponent and a strong ally, unequivical, fearless and a true Saratogaphile. She made Council meetings more colorful, more transparent, intellectually honest and, occasionally, uncomfortable and the community is a better place for it.

    Lew Benton


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