Letter from Commissioner Dalton and Mayor Kelly Re: Saratoga Hospital Accepting NYC Patients

This title is a bit inaccurate as Saratoga Hospital will be accepting patients from other communities in our state as well as New York City as the need arises.

I applaud Commissioner Dalton’s and Mayor Kelly’s letter. All New Yorkers are our neighbors. With hospitals in New York City overwhelmed and the courageous doctors and staff being pressed to the breaking point, we reach out our hand.

9 thoughts on “Letter from Commissioner Dalton and Mayor Kelly Re: Saratoga Hospital Accepting NYC Patients”

  1. Hey kids,

    If a premise is true, the conclusion is true.
    If the premise is compromised, all things become moot.

    Governor Cuomo stated that this Covid-19 is a pandemic of biblical proportions.
    He said we must take on extreme measures to slow down its transmission for person to person.

    He closed all non-essential business and caused the lay-off of millions of people; now out of work. “We can’t be too careful!” He said.

    If he was true to his word, then why is he deliberately sending infected patients up here? Then the ventilators should stay here; that is the argument. And he should not be threatening us with the national guard.

    Why is this governor threatening us?
    The premise is compromised.

    On a positive note, Saratoga was founded for it’s healing springs. Hotels were built, gambling commenced and, well, here we are! Maybe we should embrace our downstate neighbors and fill the rooms at our vacant motels, after all.

    There ya go! Funny how things come full circle.
    G-d bless you all this blessed Palm Sunday.

    Baruch Ha’Shem Adoni,

    -JC πŸ™‚


  2. Never saw a city letterhead with only two names on it. Mayor and PS Commish. Where are the other three commissioners? Seems to be setting a dangerous precedent.


  3. When the media, politicians, and military flex their muscle all together….yes you should be aware. You can certainly blindly “accept, trust and adapt”. But if you are the type of person to “observe, question, and challenge” that is okay too.

    After all, the Simpsons predicted this way back in the day:

    Death, of a person and of their livelihoods, should be treated with solemnity and grace. Not an opportunity for a power grab, stage time, or strong-arming the public in one direction or another.

    Also found this interesting: β€œThe way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/have-many-coronavirus-patients-died-italy/

    and testing everyone for antibodies: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/03/italy-starts-antibody-testing-immune-covid-19/

    Apparently getting the virus is how you are set free. Ironic.


    1. Nice post, Mulligan.

      Check it out–
      The Fed in St. Louis said all those tested should wear a badge.
      A what? So did Bill Gates. He called it a certificate.

      Should we be concerned?
      You be the judge:

      Will the “badge” be a Magen David?
      And just how well did that work for our Ashkenazim back in the day?

      No here. No way. No how. Nein.
      Looks like they are pushing the envelope.

      Keep the thread going,

      -JC 😦


  4. News Flash:
    This is what hospitals do.
    Before this virus, how many of our neighbors were Medivac-ed to Albany Med? Or transported to Mass General because of a facility’s expertise?

    And before you tell me that this is different, note well that these transports often involve infectious diseases.

    Instead of crabbing, or snarking, realize how fortunate we are compared to downstate, so far… If the situation was reversed (“Corona- rondack virus”?), wouldn’t we want help from NYC?
    In this case, I support the hospital and the city leaders 100% – and don’t worry, these visitors won’t be stopping at Mrs. London’s for a scone before they get hooked up to life support.


    1. Arthur:

      Like you said – the hospital exchanges are not news and it happens all the time. I think it fair to say that the circumstances surrounding this press release and other hospital transfers are very different. People are wearing masks, deaths are being reported by the hour, and businesses and schools are closed. All while scientists are pretty clear about how much they don’t know. First the peak was last week, then it was three weeks from now – now it’s this week. Oh but wait – Cuomo just said it’s leveling out.

      And yes, we probably will need some help at some point. Perhaps with the track and our local economy than COVID-19.

      Time will tell…always does.

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      1. Agreed.
        The circumstances are different – a quantum leap in volume and in the intensity of the consequences. Thank goodness for all our first responders, everywhere.


    2. Hey Arthur,

      C19: It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
      Bring us your hopeless, your hapless, your infected!
      Not here, no way no how.
      We’re not all supermen, ya know.

      If you want to see the script for the whole enchilada, watch CONTAGION.
      It’s all there.
      Bracelets and all.
      That movie was a 2012 dry run to reality.

      Do not confuse it with Dustin Hoffman’s Outbreak.
      That one was sane.
      Contagion is an example of the insanity that awaits.

      And Arthur,
      Family downstate (NYPD et al), said a lot of “first-responders” are calling in sick.
      And they are not sick.
      Their spouses won’t let them get exposed (imagine that).

      Lots of storefronts being boarded up.
      Good times for the plywood industry.
      Bad times for NYC and especially Long Island.

      A lot of people are really, really scared.
      Not from the C19, but from what happens when people lose it.
      As Gerald Celente said: When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it!
      (Watch the video posted earlier.– THX JK)

      G-d bless and keep your electrolytes up!
      Lemon water every morning and don’t forget your zinc! (lol)

      Stay safe and get out of the house once in awhile!

      G-d bless,

      -JC πŸ˜‰


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